Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship advises that temporary conservation measures put in place to protect walleye populations in Lake Dauphin and its tributaries will be extended to May 24 or until the completion of walleye spawning.

Conservation measures allow for a limited harvest for food by Aboriginal rights holders of six walleye per person each day on Dauphin Lake and its tributaries. Harvest can occur only by angling with rod and reel. The temporary measures require the release of all walleye of spawning size (45 to 70 centimetres).

Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan (Treaty 2 elders) urge all fishers not to fish at all during this sensitive stage of walleye spawning. This will protect walleye during this critical part of their lifecycle and ensure continued recovery efforts in Dauphin Lake.

Department officials will continue to monitor the spawning of walleye in these tributaries and if spawning is complete earlier than anticipated, temporary measures will be lifted to ensure minimum infringement on treaty and Aboriginal rights.

The department is also encouraging recreational anglers fishing in the area to release all pre-spawn walleye to support rehabilitation efforts.

The department said it is committed to working with First Nations, Métis communities and other resource users of the fishery to ensure the long-term sustainability of the fisheries resource.

Logo courtesy Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship

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