Some may doubt this video’s authenticity, but it’s hard to dispute the word of Senior Pastor Matt Carter, the hunter with the magic touch as seen in the video.

Pastor Carter was hunting with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colt McCoy when a stray quail just happened to fly within grabbing distance. Cupping the bird from the air, Carter raised it high in victory pose and the video was eventually posted on Austin Community Church’s YouTube channel. According to GrindTV, Carter and McCoy have been friends and hunting buddies for years, and have recently teamed up to pen a book that is one part religious discussion and one part self-reflection on manliness. In their latest quail hunt, Carter had the good fortune–and cat-like reflexes–to catch a bird bare-handed.

We’re sure that whenever Carter and McCoy compare catches, this one will high on the list.

Image screenshot of video by theaustinstonechurch on YouTube

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