Solomon Manjoro and companion Noluck Tafuruka entered Zimbabwe’s Charara National Park armed with rifles late last month, in what officials suspect was a poaching trip. Their target was the African elephant, which has always provided a lucrative trade for poachers trafficking in ivory. African elephants are under some degree of protection in every country where they are found, but wildlife officials are struggling to defend their large ranges from opportunistic poachers.

According to The Telegraph, the pair managed to approach a male elephant inside the game reserve section of the park, where Manjoro fired off a shot. Due to bad aim, the shot only caused the large mammal to take notice of the two men and it proceeded to chase them down. Manjoro was outdistanced by the animal and fatally trampled. A short while later Tafuruka was arrested by park rangers, who recovered Manjoro’s body. Another man, Godfrey Shonge, was also arrested in connection with the attempted poaching and the two men will be facing several charges including illegal firearm possession and violation of wildlife laws.

Poaching in Africa’s national parks has increased over recent years due to a spike in the demand for ivory. The Elephant Advocacy League estimates that about 40,000 elephants are killed annually. Experts believe that number equates to a 10 percent decline in the overall population every year. On the black market one pound of raw ivory can be worth anywhere between $270 to several thousand, depending on the quality and location.

Image from Soerfm on the Wikimedia Commons

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8 thoughts on “Poacher Trampled to Death by Enraged Elephant

    1. Great idea Glenn. Be sure and wear your camo when you are sitting in your elephant stand. Be sure and stay in your stand and don’t leave your stand until to see an elephant. And while you are waiting for an elephant to pass by you can pass the time learning your ABC’s and counting up to ten without using your fingers. Oh and dont forget to ask for the elephant tag for your hunting license the next time you are in WalMart.

  1. If they had a felony murder rule over there, the survivors could be charged with the murder of the one trampled by the elephant.

  2. I doubt that they were after the Ivory, no one will buy ivory any more…. they probably were starving people after meat enough to feed their families for a long time….. a Poacher is use to that and will have a good aiming….

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