Officer Mark James takes his duty to “protect and serve” in Portland, Oregon seriously, as shown when he puts a potential high speed chase on hold to save a wandering mallard and her ducklings.

In the video below, released by the Portland Police Bureau, shows James pulling over in the middle of his pursuit when he sees a lone duck in the middle of the road. James proceeds to get out of the car, escort the duck family across the road, and then resumes his chase. The speeder was long gone by that point, however.

James may not have got his man, but his actions have sparked the creativity of YouTube viewers. Speculation on the potential use of ducks as getaway ploys abound:

“Forget dumping tacks & smoke screens. I’m going to start using a duck screen. But on a more serious note.”

“Note to self: When deciding to rob a bank, load you can with ducks, Release said ducks should you be pursued by police. Police would never dare allow for ducks to be harmed.”

Video and image courtesy Portland Police

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