Somewhere in the Howell County, Missouri are three parcels of land which come free of charge, at least to any company which manufactures firearms or firearm accessories. The generous offer has been made by landowner John Negri in the hopes of drawing in some of the gun makers who are leaving their native states. With the current onslaught of gun control legislation passed, many manufacturers are uprooting to more “gun-friendly” states, including Magpul and PTR, with many others eyeing a transition. So it is no surprise that Negri, along with several colleagues, decided to start the “Move to Missouri” initiative.

According to America’s Voice Now Radio–whose host Michael Evans is a major supporter of Negri–the project will offer land as well as possibly providing tax and legislation aid to firearm manufacturers who move into the state. The parcels consist of prime Ozarks land which measure at six acres, 38 acres and 100 acres. The space is more than large enough for whatever structures an interested gun maker might want to plop down for its operation. The “free” part of the deal is simple: a no-charge lease for 20 years.

As added incentive, the Missouri House of Representatives recently gave preliminary approval to a tax credit bill that will help ease the financial burden for relocating gun makers.

“Many firearms manufacturers and distributors are handicapped by regulations, high taxes, and bans on the products they produce in states like New York, Connecticut, and Illinois,” said Evans. “Today companies like Colt, Remington, Winchester, Armalite, Kimber, Henry, and Smith & Wesson are based in some of nation’s most restrictive gun law states. Missouri is a firearms friendly state and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The people of the Ozarks welcome any firearms manufacturer or distributor wishing to move here.”

Furthermore, Missouri lawmakers are pushing for more pro-Second Amendment legislation, such as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which will help protect the state’s gun owners from federal gun control laws.

Missouri faces significant competition from other states keen on courting gun makers, especially Texas. With free land and upcoming legislation, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder hopes that the project can help tip the tide in his state’s favor.

“Missouri has a well-earned reputation as a ‘gun-friendly’ state,” said Kinder. “I am proud to represent a state that values the Constitution and stands against the federal government’s attempts to infringe upon our Second and Tenth Amendment rights. Through the efforts of Larry Pratt, Michael Evans, and business leaders in the West Plains area, Missouri can send a clear message to out-of-state gun makers who face burdensome regulations, high taxes and restrictions on their products. That message is, ‘Move to Missouri.’”

A peek inside Stag Arms, which announced they are still considering options for a move, can be seen below:


Image screenshot of video by TeamStagArms on YouTube

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