Students from nearly 600 NASP schools across the United States just buried the world record they set just one year ago!  Additionally, the top male archer, Jericho Vannoy from Madisonville, KY tied NASP’s individual world record.  Top teams shared the record-breaking frenzy as well. Chatsworth, Georgia’s Woodlawn Elementary School and Cadiz, Kentucky’s Trigg County High School also broke two of NASP’s three team world records.

The 2013 NASP National Tournament was held May 9-11 at Louisville, Kentucky’s Exposition Center. Our indoor archery range is the world’s largest at 1,350 feet because it had to accommodate the world’s largest gathering of archers at 9,426 students this year.  This was larger than the number that set the Guinness World Record at last year’s NASP Nationals with 7,804 4th-12th grade student archers.

Each of the archers released 5 practice arrows and 3 ends of 5 scoring arrows from 10 and 15 meters for a total of 40 arrows launched per archer. “We are grateful students, coaches, and range officials did their part to keep unblemished NASP‘s safety record  of ZERO archery accidents,” said NASP President, Roy Grimes.

No matter the archer’s grade, gender, or skill level, each used the same Mathews Genesis bow, Easton aluminum arrows and shot at the same Morrell targets at identical distances. Because every NASP archer utilizes identical equipment, technique and form are the keys to performance. When finished shooting every archer returned their bow to the BowTree bow rack and walked back behind the “Waiting Line” to await their next range instruction.

To maintain a manageable, accessible and affordable playing field, NASP is void of archery enhancements such as sights, stabilizers, or release aids.  In fact, the tournament format is exactly the same as taught to 2.3 million student archers in nearly 12,000 NASP schools during the current school year. “While tournaments are a small part of our Mission at NASP, it seems this national tournament has become the culminating event for us as well as many students around the United States.  It is so motivational for us to see the sea of smiling faces as they enjoy the great sport of archery.  We especially appreciate the family connections; grandparents, parents, and siblings coming to watch their loved one(s) compete.” said Grimes.

In addition to sponsors mentioned above, other important contributors help out such as; Easton Foundations, National Wild Turkey Federation, Army National Guard, Archery Trade Association, Gordon Composites, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Safari Club International, The Block, Plano, Pope & Young Club, Electronic Awards, BCY, Brownell, Saunders, and Rinehart Targets.

The tournament was staffed by a record number of 261 volunteers from a variety of local archery clubs, schools, state NASP Administrators, and the Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources.

One of the highlights of the Nationals is the awards ceremony which was held in Louisville’s Freedom Hall this year.  Before the awards ceremony could commence we first had to break 12 ties. This was done by each archer shooting 5 practice arrows and then 5 for score. It is exciting and nerve-racking for the audience and one can only imagine how it is for the archers!  Tymbrie Snoble from Bellevue, Iowa had this to say, “The scholarship shoot-off is the cumulation of all the work, fun, and dedication put into your archery career by not only yourself, but your parents, coaches, and supporters as well. I just kept thanking God for giving me such an amazing opportunity, not only once, but two years in a row!”

Because NASP is a school-based effort, we draw attention to education goals by conducting a thrilling scholarship shoot-off immediately before awards are presented. Thanks to the generosity of many NASP sponsors, $50,0000 in scholarships were awarded. Winners of the scholarship shoot-off are listed below. Many spectators noted that parents cheered for these scholarship shooters far louder (and with relief?) than their children!

Image courtesy National Archery in the Schools Program

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