Army Capt. Frank Baroquerio struck dead center in a one-arrow shootoff against the Marines’ Matthew Benack to win the individual compound event, 120-119, during the Warrior Games archery competition at Clune Arena May 15.

“I got to pick my arrow, I got to pick my target. I knew where I was going to hit before I fired that shot,” Baroquerio said in a Joint Hometown News Service story. “I wanted to win for my team, and it feels great.”

Army’s Jessie White scored 27 to beat Air Force’s retired Tech. Sgt. Corey Carter in the bronze compound match, 107-106, giving Army two out of three compound archery medals.

“I had the lead, and I should have kept it,” said Carter, who competed in the 2012 Games. “I started to shake more than I wanted to.”

The Marines won the team compound open gold medal by one point, 158-157 over Air Force, while Special Operations Command took gold in the team recurve event, 137-132 over the Marines. The Army soundly defeated the British armed forces team for bronze in the team compound, while the Army’s recurve team overcame Air Force for bronze in the team recurve event.

Baroquerio, a native of Gainesville, Ga., said archery is more than just a competition.

“Not one single person picked up a bow back in the day because they wanted a medal,” he said. “Every single one of us is doing archery because it’s therapeutic. It’s fun to see something we did for therapy lead to this; that’s the beauty of the Games.”

Despite missing the bronze medal, Carter said he’s enjoyed this year’s Games.

“It’s a great time. I’m having fun, meeting new guys (and) our British counterparts,” he said.

As of Wednesday, the Marines hold a slim lead over the Army in the overall medal count, with 20 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 17 bronze medals to the Army’s 19 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 16 bronze medals.

Image courtesy US Air Force Academy

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