Innisfail, Australia angler Ashley Sala made a trip to a local creek in hopes of catching his first meter-plus barramundi, and thought he cinched the prize when his live bait was gobbled down.

“I thought I’d caught my one-meter barra, I was so happy, I was yahooing and carrying on,” he said. “Twenty minutes later after fighting it I brought it to the surface and when the moon came out from behind the clouds I realized it was a croc tangled up in my fishing line.”

According to the Herald Sun, Sala was at first confused on what to do. He had never caught a crocodile on a fishing line before, what he had experienced were several run-ins with the reptiles on land. Crocodiles were popular in Ninds Creek and have a curious habit of following anglers around, and even occasionally chowing down on their equipment. Even though Sala was frustrated by his past encounters–and possibly a few unusable rods–he decided to help the animal. The six-foot croc had become entangled within his fishing line and was in danger of drowning.

“I didn’t really know what to do so I thought I would get it untangled at home, and take it to the Mayor and tell him how fed up I am with getting stalked by crocs and crocs eating my fishing rods,” Sala said.

True to his word, the angler cut the croc loose and wrapped tape around its mouth to keep it shut. Cassowary Coast Councilor Mark Nolan advised keeping it safe for the night and Sala’s first thought was to stow the reptile on his bunk bed. With its jaws kept safely closed, the angler allowed the croc free roam around his house. It ended up under the bunk bed while Sala slept ontop.

“I just wanted to make sure it was safe and didn’t die during the night,” Sala said. He had even went so far as to ask his girlfriend to leave for the night.

The next morning employees from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service came to his residence and picked up the sleepy croc. It was then transported to a local crocodile farm.

Image from Guillaume Blanchard on the Wikimedia Commons

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5 thoughts on “Australian Angler Tries for Barramundi, Ends with Crocodile in Bunk Bed

    1. Read my statement again…I questioned the barracuda statement.

      The author stated it was a barracuda, I know better, so do you…but the guy writing the article didn’t, and didn’t do his homework. The article has been edited, it originally said “barracuda”.

      I caught it, posted my comment, and it was edited without notice. Now I look like the ass, unless you received the daily email that still states. See my pic below for proof.

      “Australian Angler Tries for Barracuda, Ends with Crocodile in Bunk Bed”


      1. Yes, the article was edited soon after publication to show that Mr. Sala had been fishing for Barramundi rather than Barracuda.

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