The Marine Corps Combat Shooting Team (CST) specifically requested the assistance of top ranked Stag Arms shooting team member Kalani Laker to increase their effectiveness in battle. The CST has an important mission – “To enhance Marine Corps marksmanship by drawing knowledge and insight through competition, practical shooting skills courses, and intense training programs provided by both military and civilian personnel.” The CST has traveled the nation, competing in civilian shooting matches and practical skills courses. Between competitions, they are required to develop training policies which will directly enhance Marine Corps marksmanship with small arms.

In April 2013, the Combat Shooting Team took their mission one step further. They reached out to the ultra-competitive sport of 3 Gun where Stag Arms’ shooting professional, Kalani Laker, accepted their invitation to visit the Quantico, VA military base. For a full week, Kalani and the Marines and Kalani Laker spent their days on the range and in the classroom, discussing and comparing skills used in competition and their effectiveness on the battlefield. They broke down various techniques, scrutinized competition-born tactics, and analyzed the basic tenants of what makes a competitive shooter successful. Together, they were able to evaluate and develop new procedures, thus making the Marine Corps curriculum more effective.

Kalani Laker stated, “These guys are out there defending our freedom every day, putting their lives on the line for you and me. If I can help even just one Marine increase their skill level so that they can return home safely, sign me up. The Combat Shooting Team asked me to help them pinpoint a couple of areas where we could increase overall marksmanship in the Marine Corp. I think we accomplished that and much more.”

Image courtesy Stag Arms

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