Rapper Ice-T and musician Ted Nugent may not share the same type of music, but they are sharing the spotlight as they team up for a new documentary focused on the controversial gun control debate.

The upcoming film Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire takes a look at the history of the Second Amendment and examines current gun control laws.

Ice-T narrates the documentary, which features numerous other commentaries on the subject including words from Nugent, Dan Gross, and Adam Winkler. Gross is the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and Winkler is a noted author and professor at UCLA.

In an interview with FOX411, the film’s executive producer, writer, and director Kris Koenig says that, “Assaulted turns the gun debate around. It is a civil rights issue, and we take a look at the history of the Second Amendment. It’s a right that has been abused over the years and one that gets overlooked the most.”

The documentary follows hot on the heels of controversial new gun control legislature like New York’s SAFE act, Maryland’s “assault weapons” ban, and the Colorado gun bill that prompted Magpul’s departure.

Koenig highlights the recent rash of “assault weapon” legislation in the interview with FOX411, stating that, “When dealing with anything to do with our Second Amendment, our lawmakers need to keep in mind that it serves to protect us as individuals…Incidents of violence with an ‘assault weapon’ are few and far between, less than one percent. […] We shouldn’t give up our civil liberties for a false sense of safety.”

Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire is being produced by Dead Patriot Films and is set to open in select theaters June 20. A trailer for the film can be seen in the video below:


Image and video from Kris Koenig

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7 thoughts on “Ice-T and Ted Nugent Defend Second Amendment Rights in New Documentary

  1. But, but, but, if some bad guys kick in the door in the middle of the night and rush in to get the homeowners, it is obvious that the homeowners can and will calmly pick up the phone, call 9-1-1, wait until the call is answered, calmly answer the list of questions from the dispatcher, and, while this is going on, the bad guys will wait quietly and, when the call is done, happily wait until the police arrive to arrest them.


    The homeowner will, having thought this through and practiced it, rush in a controlled manner to get a gun, confront the bad guys and do what needs doing to protect hearth and home, kith and kin.

    Hmmmm, which to choose.

  2. You guys are focusing on the wrong thing! You have to make it so that you don’t NEED a gun to protect yourself in the first place! Fix your country first, give people jobs and health and a place to live. Then people that are poor or addicted to something will have something to do and have a purpus in life. Regulate all drugs. If a addict can go to a hostpital or a clinic to get drugs and take them in a safe enviroment. Why should they rob a dude with a gun just to get a fix if it’s that easy to get help? I’m not saying that these are the only ones with guns, but you can see where I’m going…? Fix the country, and the need of guns go down. That’s my opinion, from a country that have actually come out of the stoneage.

    Oregan0 – Norway

    1. “You have to make it so that you don’t NEED a gun to protect yourself in the first place!”

      So, do you have method to alter humans into peaceful creatures?

    2. This is rich, coming from someone in Norway. Don’t you guys hold the record for the worst mass shooting in modern history? How many were killed? Isn’t the count I’m the mid 90’s? Maybe if someone else has been armed the count would be lower.

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