Joerg Sprave, best known for his inventive and high quality slingshots, also maintains a passion for crossbows. Sprave recently stretched his creative genius to the test by creating a crossbow upper for the M16A1 lower reciever, which he dubs the RUB-15. The contraption is built using the original M16A1 lower receiver and stock, with a few modifications, heavy duty rubber bands, a silencer box, two metal rods and even a red dot sight.

You can see it in action below:

This is hardly the first time a crossbow upper was designed to fit over a rifle lower receiver. Several variants exist for the AR-15, a popular firearm considered to be the M16’s civilian counterpart. Notably, PSE has the TAC Ordnance Crossbow and the discontinued TAC15. These models offer accuracy and efficiency to customers who want to fit something just a little bit different onto their AR-15 lowers. You can see the TAC15 in action below:

Image screenshot of video by JoergSprave on YouTube

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