College students, who are always looking for the best deals in food and entertainment, should consider what fishing has to offer.

For just $20, the cost of an annual resident fishing license, students can spend their free time this semester having fun on the water while catching some “fast” food in the process.

“Fishing is a direct connection with nature,” said Brian Clark, assistant director of the Public Affairs Division for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “It’s a social activity that’s easily combined with backpacking or camping.”

Fishing is also an economical way to obtain local food. “The culmination of the fishing experience is cooking a meal with your fresh catch,” said Clark.

All full-time students enrolled for at least six months in a college or university in Kentucky are considered Kentucky residents and therefore entitled to purchase a resident fishing license. The statute that defines residency also includes military service personnel on permanent assignment in Kentucky.

For those who are also interested in hunting, there are two other license options: the combination fishing and hunting license for $30 and the sportsman’s license. The sportsman’s license includes hunting and fishing licenses, plus trout, deer, turkey, dove and Kentucky waterfowl permits. The cost of the sportsman’s license is $95 – a savings of $50 over licenses and permits if bought separately.

Good fishing waters are found statewide. To find a place to fish, visit the department’s website at Click on Fishing and Boating and follow the links.

Kentucky’s license year begins March 1 and ends the last day of February.

Logo courtesy Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

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