Mr. Lid Outdoors, the SussexIM division behind Mr. Lid Shotshell, will sponsor Jeff Fuller’s Sporting Dog Adventures, the nationally televised magazine format show entering its third season.

The partnership will highlight the product benefits of Mr. Lid Shotshell to millions of outdoor and hunting enthusiasts around the country, with demonstrations of in-field use, detailed product segments and reviews.

“Our focus this year has been to continuously build upon our momentum and develop an awareness of our Mr. Lid brand in the outdoor market,” said Keith Everson, SussexIM’s CEO and Founder. “Partnering with Jeff Fuller and Sporting Dog Adventures is the ideal national communications medium.”

Made in Wisconsin by SussexIM, these latest variations on Mr. Lid, patented, secure, water-tight, easy stacking storage containers, are tailored for safe and organized storage and transportation of shotgun ammunition and outdoor gear. Mr. Lid Shotshell is guaranteed for life as are all Mr. Lid storage containers, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and are microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

“We have made a considerable investment in the ongoing development of this product line,” added SussexIM Vice President of Sales, Ed Fabiszak. “Our goal is to solve problems to satisfy consumer needs and Mr. Lid Shotshell is a prime example of that. If you have ever had the bottom of a wet cardboard factory box give out in the duck blind or in the field, it’s clear how this product got its start.”

Since the inception of the product, SussexIM has focused on a common sense approach, which continuously improves the product to maximize functionality. At the same time, the company partners with established organizations in the outdoor community, in order to inform their audience and promote Mr. Lid.

“We have worked diligently to develop a practical product,” added Sales Manager Greg Gierach, an avid sportsman. “We rigorously field tested product in a variety of conditions, modified the design and repeated the process. We focused on delivering a high functioning, field-proven product that delivers exceptional durability and value.  Participating at events on a local level allowed us to interact with the people we want to be using our products, listen to their feedback and respond accordingly.”


Mr. Lid Outdoors has createdg key partnerships with Duck Commander, Pheasants Forever and Ruffed Grouse Society. “This has been the foundation of our marketing strategy,” said Gierach, adding “we realized that we needed visibility with shooting enthusiasts and hunters. As a result, when a sportsman holds and uses the product, the simplicity and high functionality of the design is understood.

“Our partnerships helped communicate core product benefits and allowed us to promote that experience and create the platforms critical to consumer awareness,” Gierach said.

Once the Mr. Lid product was developed functionally and the look of the product was customized with unique colors and logos associated and to appeal to specific groups, the next task was to make the product readily available to consumers. “We have and will continue to seek retail and online positions.  Making our products readily available for purchase is an evolution,” said Gierach. “We take the same approach with retail / online partners as we do the end consumer: get them product to hold and use.”

In an effort to create a medium for consumers to acquire products and to promote the brand, SussexIM has recently launched their own “web-store” at as well as a product themed Mr. Lid Outdoors Facebook page. This web site will not only create a sales link to consumers, but will also feature new product developments, promote future co-branded and retail partnerships, as well as update followers on events and expos where Mr. Lid products will be featured.

“It really comes down to effectively tying together promotional efforts with advertising, social media updates on the Internet and product review on platforms such as “Outdoor Hub,” Gierach said. “By partnering with Jeff Fuller and Sporting Dog Adventures, we will effectively reach people on a national level and enhance product awareness.”


Mr. Lid products have also been featured in gear reviews and blogs on Pheasants Forever’s web site and Facebook page as well as through Minnesota Sporting Journal’s radio and blog post.

Last February, Mr. Lid Outdoors participated in the National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic in Minneapolis, MN.  “This was really the launch point of our product line marketing strategy,” said Gierach. “It allowed us to reach out to 30,000 attendees over an intensive 3 day period, it was an excellent event and we met some great people. As a new product, we really didn’t know what to expect. We worked closely with Brad Heidel and Joe Duggan of Pheasants Forever to maximize our visibility. This has been a springboard to our long term relationship, not only with Pheasants Forever, but many others within the Pheasants Forever corporate family,” he said.

“Mr. Lid Shotshell as was certainly a hit with almost 30,000 show goers,” said Brad Heidel, Director of Corporate Sales, Pheasants Forever. “It was clear that the new shotshell version of Mr. Lid offers high utility for upland hunters and outdoors enthusiasts.”

“Through Pheasants Forever, we crossed paths with Jeff Fuller and things just fell into place,” added Gierach.  “Without our partnership with Pheasants Forever, we may have never been afforded the opportunity to sponsor the upcoming season of Sporting Dog Adventures. Jeff’s dedication and passion for training hunting dogs and the promoting the outdoor lifestyle mesh seamlessly with our commitment to developing outdoor products. Our common goal of maximizing our time in the outdoors with friends and family remains the underlying bond between our organizations.”


Sporting Dog Adventures is going into its third season this August. Jeff Fuller focuses on bringing the viewer a look into the outdoors from a variety of viewpoints; it is truly a show that is “for the dogs.” Featuring action packed field segments with the “high octane” canines of Soggy Acres Retrievers, Jeff takes a unique approach with wide appeal.  Segments include youth and family-oriented features, practical outdoor gear reviews, cooking hints, conservation facts and tips and, of course, dog training and veterinarian care.

There are 13 nationally broadcast episodes scheduled for the upcoming season. In the U.S. and Canada, stations include Pursuit Channel, Tuff TV Network, Wild TV Canada and The Walk, reaching a potential viewership of over 129 million homes.

“What makes us different is that we represent hunting as a quality pasttime to be explored with family and friends, while emphasizing companionship over kills and a respect for safety laws and nature,” said Jeff Fuller, host of Sporting Dog Adventures, co-host of National Bird Dog Circuit TV and owner of Soggy Acres Retrievers. “We are excited about the future and welcome the opportunity to feature products from Mr. Lid Outdoors to our existing family of fine sponsors.”

Image courtesy SportingDog TV

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