Safariland congratulates Team Safariland members for their performance and accolades at the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup Pistol Tournament.  Doug Koenig achieved an amazing15th Bianchi Cup national title with a clean score of 1920-183x! Doug had close competition from fellow Team Safariland member, Carl Bernosky, who also had a clean score with 1920-178x. In addition, Jessie Duff went on to capture the ladies championship title, while Robert Vadasz won the Metallic division and Rob Leatham finished a close second in the production division, all using Safariland holsters and equipment.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup was held in Columbia, Missouri May 22-25 and featured more than 250 shooters from ten different countries.  In addition to the titles won, Team Safariland’s Michael Voigt finished in the top 10 while Maggie Reese (Top Shot Season 2) landed in the top 5 for the ladies division. When the shoot-offs came around on Saturday, Doug Koenig won the open division, Jessie Duff dominated for the ladies and, in the celebrity shoot-off, Kenda Lenseigne (World Champion Cowboy Mounted shooter) took top honors using her new Safariland 014 and ELS rig for the fourth year in a row.

Team Safariland also took top honors with the 4-person team event which included Doug Koenig, Carl Bernosky, Michael Voigt and Kyle Schmidt.

“It was great to see many of our team shooters participating in this world-class event, and also to see them perform so well.  The Team Safariland shooters are an integral extension of our Research and Development Team, helping us to ensure that our gear works perfectly; their input and field testing is incorporated into everything we make. The goal is for the shooter to focus on the task at hand with no worries from their equipment, which we certainly saw at this event,” said Scott Carnahan, Category Vice President of Safariland, Bianchi and Patrol Bikes.

Image courtesy The Safariland Group

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