The fifth tournament of the season for the ASA was held May 31 – June 2 in London, Kentucky. This tournament set a new high for the total number of participants at an ASA event. Over 1,500 shooters took part in the tournament.  When the winners were announced, Levi Morgan and Connie Calloway won the titles in their respective classes.

In the Men’s Open Pro class, Levi Morgan returned to his winning ways this week.  Morgan led by 10 points going into the shoot down and he captured his third tournament of the year. Morgan had a final score of 494-21 and won by seven points. Third place went to Garrett Ayersman with a score of 487-17. Mathews finished with six of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Thomas Gomez, 422-15, 6thplace; Joseph Goza, 420-14, 7th place; Brandon Reyes, 418-14, 9th place and Matt Epperly, 416-13 in 10th place.

In the Women’s Pro class, Connie Calloway won her second tournament of the year.

Calloway captured the title with a score of 454-11. Second place went to Cindy Steele with a score of 447-8 and Kailey Johnston was third with  a score of 446-7. Mathews finished with eight of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Ginger Morehead, 441-5, 5th place; Sharon Carpenter, 383-3, 7th place; Jeanna Allbritain, 380-2, 8th place; Aime Whittington, 376-2, 9thplace and Sherry Hott, 375-5 in 10th place.

In the Senior Pro class, Bill Sennick was the top Mathews finisher. Sennick had a final score of 476-12 and finished in second place. Mathews finished with seven of the top ten finishers in the class. The rest of the top ten included: Art Brown, 456-10, 4th place; Johnny Perhealth, 451-12, 5th place; Charles Blankenship, 404-9, 6th place; Tom Crowe, 403-11, 7th place; Carl Adkins, 403-9, 8th place and Ray Young, 402-10 in 10th place.

Image courtesy Mathews

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  1. Those ASA tournaments are a great experience. If you’re going to shoot 3D ASA pro ams are the way to experience 3D at the highest level. Shoot with the pros!

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