The sport of 3-Gun has found another new outlet in the form of the Clinton House Plantation in Clinton, South Carolina. Clinton House hosted its first ever 3-Gun match here June 8, with 3GN Pro Series competitors such as Chad Drewery, Clint Upchurch and Rob Romero in attendance. However, also shooting the match was a large group of shooters who had never competed in a 3-Gun event before. Thanks to Palmetto State Armory, the Clinton House match was able to have both pro-level and novice competitors.

Up for grabs were five PSA AR-15 Rifles (one per division), which lured the pro shooters in. However it was the opportunity to shoot a 3-Gun match that attracted a large group of new shooters.

“This match was a great opportunity to expand the sport of 3-Gun in the state of South Carolina,” said Amy Dillon, Director of Training for Palmetto State Armory. “You were able to see newcomers and pros shoot together and have a good time, which was the overall mission for the match.”


The match featured seven courses of fire, including three, 3GN Classifiers. Coming in first place in the Tactical Optics division was Team Noveske Pro Rob Romero with a total match time of 187.92, followed closely by 3GN Pro series competitor Aaron Reed with a score of 189.49. In the Open Division it was Team Colt Pro Clint Upchurch with an overall time of 171.20, followed by 3-Gun veteran Mike Sexton in 2nd place. In the Tactical Irons division it was 3GN Pro and US Marine Combat Shooting Team member Sgt. James Gill with an overall score of 221.20, followed closely by 3GN Pro Chad Drewery with a 242.24. (For complete match results click here).

The match featured a solid mixture of stage design, which included a long-range stage with targets at approximately 200 yards, and short courses such as 3GN classifier stages known as “Crash and Burn” and “Times 12″.

“We were very excited for the opportunity to hold a match at the Clinton House,” said 3GN Club Series Director Charles Sole. “This was the first 3-Gun match at that facility, which attracted new shooters not only from the South Carolina region, but from surrounding states as well. This was the main objective. We can’t thank Palmetto State Armory enough for the sponsorship as well as our other match sponsors such as Brownells, ATI, Spectre Targets and last but not least Remington, who donated two 870 Tactical Shotguns that were given away.”

The match was part of the 3-Gun Nation Club Series, which is a program exclusively for local shooting clubs to participate. More than 50 clubs across the country, as well as internationally, have joined the 3GN Club Series since the program launch earlier this season.

“The 3-Gun Nation Club Series needs more facilities like the Clinton House to step up and begin holding events like the one held this weekend,” said Pete Brown, 3-Gun Nation President. “This was 3-Gun growth at the grass-roots level, which is what the Club Series is all about.”

To find out more on the Clinton House Plantation visit To find out more about the NRA Sports 3-Gun Nation Club Series, presented by Remington, visit

Image courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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