There will be more food for everyone in North Carolina thanks to the new “Farmers Manage Deer” program.

This program will allow farmers who lost money due to crop damage last year to hold special hunts on their property starting this fall. The program aims to lower future crop loss for farmers, and will lead to greater deer harvest for hunters.

Farmers must enroll their property in the program, which was created by North Carolina State students, by late July in order to be eligible. Opportunities for hunters must be posted by early September, and those opportunities will be announced in October.

Crop loss is estimated to have exceeded $30 million per year, so the $2 per acre payout for a 15-day hunt will also help farmers recoup some of their losses from the current harvest season.

Hunters who wish to take advantage of this opportunity can connect with farmers on the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ website here.

Image from Donald Lee Pardue on the Flickr Creative Commons

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