A resident of Coquitlam, Canada managed to shoot a video of two male black bears duking it out right in front of her home. According to Global News, conservation officers were called to scene and found the area splattered with blood and tufts of bear fur.

“They could have been fighting over a sow or they could have been fighting over territory,” said Officer Tony Ambrose.

The bears were still fighting when he arrived and proved to be so ferocious that the local police department was enlisted to block off the area while conservation officers considered what to do with the bears.

“They were acting very aggressively and we don’t usually see this in a neighborhood on someone’s doorstep,” Ambrose added.

The bears also reportedly made moves towards people and pets, leading officers to believe that the animals are too dangerous to relocate. The decision was made to shoot and destroy the bears.

Ambrose said that he was disappointed by the outcome but made the decision when the bears began moving closer to the house. Both black bears are estimated to be four years old.

While it is not uncommon for male bears to fight in the wild, experts say that it is not a frequent occurrence. Smaller bears will usually avoid large ones and fights often start when both bears are roughly the same size.


Image screenshot of video by xxNaCaRxx on YouTube

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