Victory Defense Consulting, in partnership with the some of the shooting industry’s most influential companies, has announced that they will be hosting the Colorado Freedom Shoot, June 29-30th at Colorado’s largest public range – the Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center, in Briggsdale, CO.

The Colorado Freedom Shoot is a family-friendly event that will allow participants to shoot solo or compete as a team in handgun, carbine and long-range challenges for cash prizes, gear and giveaways.

Also available to participants will be, “The Biden Challenge,” a shotgun event; and The MOD Armory Night Vision Demonstration, where participants will be able to see some of the latest Night Vision, Thermal and IR technology as well as compete during an evening event.

Participants will also be introduced to the range’s new 1,000+ yard engagement rifle range.

“Due to the recent legislation that was passed by the Colorado state legislature, this could very well be the last competition of its kind held in Colorado,” stated President of Victory Defense Consulting, J.J. Sutton. “This shoot is important because it’s the last shoot where one can acquire magazines that can carry, or be adapted to carry more than 15 rounds in the state of Colorado. Not only that, but the new legislation now sends jobs, manufacturers and tens of millions in revenue to other states – leaving many without jobs.”

In addition to the various competitions, the shoot and its sponsors – to include: MAGPUL White Raven Communications, Executive Security International, Thunder Beast Arms Corporation, CorBon Ammunition, Blackhawk! and MOD Armory – among others – will have high capacity magazine rentals, skeet, trap and sporting clays.  Featured shooters, like U.S. Elite’s Jim Erwin will also be on hand to provide demonstrations, private instruction and pose for photographs.

Several of Colorado’s Senior Law Enforcement Officials who have joined together in a Law Suit against the new legislation will also be in attendance to discuss their efforts in protecting the freedoms Colorado citizens are seeing altered.

Logo courtesy White Raven Communication

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