Team International Training, Inc. (ITI) member Morgan Allen won the ESP Division at The Carolina Cup 2013  held this past weekend, June 13 – 15, 2013 in Oxford, North Carolina. Team member Gary Byerly narrowly missed CDP 1st place and took home 2nd. The competition featured 16 stages and required a minimum of 214 rounds. Over 300 competitors participated in what has become one of the largest and most recognized IDPA matches in the world. For full match results, please visit the Carolina Cup 2013 results.

“The match was nothing short of a traditional Carolina Cup IDPA Championship and reminds competitors why it’s one of the top 3 matches in the sport,” ITI Team member Morgan Allen said. “Deceptively simple, yet with challenges including ample non-threat targets placed strategically, the design of the match enabled competitors to determine the correct pace with which to either succeed, or prevent them from performing at the level to achieve their goals. Training programs and systems from companies like G4S ITI and Rangelog, and products like those from Safariland were certainly put to the test.”

Allen continued, “Congrats to my fellow ITI teammate Gary Byerly for a fantastic finish, nearly landing his second victory at this storied match. Congrats to my Rangelog teammate Colleen Vaccaro for winning High Junior at the match. And finally, kudos to Frank and Paula Glover, the safety officers, stats team and may others for the great job they did in running a match this large.”

ITI Team member Gary Byerly added, “The 2013 Carolina Cup was the 11th one for me and I believe the best IDPA match that I’ve ever been to. No tricks, no traps, just straight up who can shoot this stage the best. The outstanding staff moved with alacrity and was professional as always. I was able to train with my teammate, Morgan Allen, leading up to this match. Using information he compiled through Rangelog, we were able to focus on key skills and maximize our range time. That’s to G4S ITI, Durning Defense Customs and Nevoc Targets for their support!”

Image courtesy Laura Burgess Marketing

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