Factory Collectable Firearms Auctioned To Help Disabled Veterans

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) announces receipt of a $26,000 donation from Ruger Firearms as the result of an on-line auction of factory collectables through GunBroker.com. The auction consisted of numerous items of historic or unusual significance including:

  • Two rarely available government-exclusive Ruger Mark 11 .22LR pistols from 1986
  • New .222 Rem. stainless Mini-14 ranch rifle from 1992
  • Vietnam-era Ruger Green Beret 10/22 Carbine from 1973
  • 1974 Ruger .44 Carbine

This is the second major release of Ruger collectables for HAVA’s benefit in the past 2 years, and part of Ruger’s considerable commitment to charitable causes.

“Ruger’s substantial donations have been a game-changer for HAVA since 2011, which along with major incremental contributions from Smith & Wesson and Barrett, have allowed us to approximately double the number of disabled veterans that we serve in a year to approximately 1,000,” said HAVA Chairman Tom Taylor. “The core of our industry, the gun manufacturers along with all of our industry sponsors, are making a tremendous difference in the lives of real American heroes.”

“To have a resource like HAVA to execute our industry’s commitment to the disabled veteran and injured active military is a big plus, and Ruger is excited to continue to play a pivotal role in HAVA’s ongoing development,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “This volunteer approach to serving veterans is extremely efficient and is a clear message to the returning warrior that our industry honors their service, and that our people will stand with him or her in defense of freedom. Yes, we donate financially, but just as importantly we donate our time to offer the veteran face-to-face contact with his supporters who want to see him prosper and regain confidence in the future.”

Image courtesy Media Direct Creative

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