Wildgame Innovations and its sister companies Ameristep, Barnett Crossbows, Evolved and Flextone leaders in outdoor industry products are currently seeking field staff members a.k.a. Wildgame Warriors to represent their brand(s) and put innovative products to the test. Interested Warriors should be prepared to use each brands products in the field, provide product evaluations, act as a representative online, in social media and at events such as Tradeshows, Store Openings, Open Houses, Seminars, Game Dinners, in Online and other applicable functions.

What is a Wildgame Warrior?

A Wildgame Warrior is more than just a trophy hunter.  A Wildgame Warrior is an outdoorsman who is deeply passionate about being in the field and sharing their experiences with others. A person who appreciates the sight of a whitetail tip toeing the forest floor in search of a hot doe, the echo of elk bugles over an alpine meadow, or pulling up on a group of greenheads as they commit to a set of well placed decoys and sweet calling. As a representative of Wildgame Innovations and its sister brands, a Wildgame Warrior will commit to understanding and promoting products for the brand(s) they are chosen to represent by acting as a professional ambassador. For these services and the time they spend as a foot soldier, each Wildgame Warrior will be compensated in the form of company credit, which allows them to purchase Ameristep, Barnett Crossbows, Evolved, Flextone and Wildgame Innovations products in return for their representation. In addition, Wildgame Warriors will be compensated with company credit to be applied toward product purchases for any assets they provide to Wildgame Innovations and its sister companies for use in marketing, promotional, advertising and public relations materials in the form of written content, photography, and even video footage! Warriors will be chosen based upon their respective skills and area(s) of expertise, for example: white-tailed deer hunting with a bow, backcountry elk hunting, predator hunting or the pursuit of waterfowl. The final goal is that an ambassador to Wildgame Innovations and its sister brands is the Wildgame Warrior will educate and recruit others to utilize products from these brands.

Benefits of being a Wildgame Warrior:

  • Recognition as a local representative of Ameristep, Barnett Crossbows, Evolved, Flextone and Wildgame Innovations
  • Free Hat
  • Free DVD
  • Free Sticker(s)
  • Initial 50% product discount
  • Exclusive field/pro staff offers and discounts
  • “Free” product as compensation for time representing Wildgame Innovations and the sister brands
  • Availability to field test new products in development
  • Input on new product development
  • Participation in company surveys
  • Possible discounts and co-op buying opportunities with partner manufacturers
  • Name, photos, video and likeness featured in each brands marketing, advertising, marketing, promotional and PR materials
  • Possible discounted memberships to partner conservation organizations

How do you become a Wildgame Warrior:

It’s simple! Start by clicking here to Download the Field Staff Application and return it to info@t13creative.com for evaluation and selection. After the selection process choosen Warriors will pay a $10 fee to become a part of the pro/field staff program as a Wildgame Warrior. The fee will represent their commitment to be involved with Ameristep, Barnett Crossbows, Evolved, Flextone and Wildgame Innovations, in return for the cost the Warrior will be provided with a Wildgame hat, Wildgame Nation DVD, Ameristep, Barnett Crossbows, Evolved, Flextone and/or Wildgame Innovations brand appropriate sticker(s) and a one time use 50% off discount code to be used for their first online order.

Application Timeframe:

  1. Application timeline: June 15, 2013- Aug. 1 2013
  2. Staff member selection completion and notification will begin: Aug. 2, 2013

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