What had been a pleasant family bonding experience quickly turned to desperation when Aiden Menchaca, 13, was stabbed in the neck by a catfish barb. According to KATV, the teen was out fishing with his family after having recently moved to Arkansas. He was learning forward to kiss the prize catch of the day when the catfish began struggling and struck him in the throat, embedding a jagged barb close to a major artery.

“I didn’t hurt until I realized it was in my neck,” Menchaca said. “When it got stuck, I screamed like a girl as loud as I can.”

His mother Melissa held the fish steady and inspected the wound. She had begun to pull it out when she realized that it was touching the bulging artery. Deciding to wait for professionals, the Menchaca family stood by anxiously for the paramedics to arrive. All the while, they held the fish in a vice grip so the barb would not puncture deeper into Aiden Menchaca’s throat. After 30 minutes emergency personnel cut the barb and transported the teen to a local hospital where it was removed.

KATV’s coverage can be seen below:

Image screenshot of video by MrViralNews on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Boy Stabbed by Catfish Barb on Father’s Day

  1. I once had a dream where a hamburger ate me! I guess that doesn’t exactly apply here, but still, isn’t that weird?

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