There are an estimated five million feral pigs in the United States, half of which are located in the Lone Star State. Texas already spends $7 million on their hog management programs but experts say that is not enough to prevent the population from tripling in the next five years. To keep the pigs under control, the state will have to eliminate nearly 66 percent of the swine every year. For comparison, hunters and trappers accounted for over 750,000 pigs harvested in 2010, only 29 percent of the population.

However, Texas does have a few cards up its sleeve, and the foremost of these is boasting one of the largest and most dedicated hunting cultures in America. Hunting hogs has not only become a Texas tradition, but now a necessity.

Many hunters bemoan the fact that while hogs are undoubtedly detrimental to the land, many landowners still charge a fee for hunting on their property. With the addition of equipment and ammunition, these hunts can become very pricey. Now the state is offering an extra incentive in the form of bounties. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) will be partnering with county governments to launch the 2013 County Hog Abatement Matching Program (CHAMP). The initiative will encourage counties to match state funding dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000, which will be then paid to hunters.

In order to receive state funds county governments will have to apply for the program by July 1. The Cove Herald reports that several counties have already signed up for CHAMP including Milam, Falls, Bell, and Hamilton counties.

Feral pigs can be destructive enough on land, but the animals are also having a significant impact on the state’s waterways. In the Leon River Watershed alone there are an estimated 26,000 pigs. Their destructive behavior and fecal matter pushed the watershed into the “impaired” rating by the Environmental Protection Agency. The abundance of bacteria introduced by the pigs is also affecting native wildlife and flora.

“One of the biggest things I can do to control the feral hog impact is to help the counties get more funding for feral hog abatement,” said Mike Marshall, coordinator for the Leon River Watershed.

Hogs are also found on farms, golf courses, and residential areas in every one of the state’s 254 counties. The animals have caused an estimated $500 million in damages. Part of the reason for their success is how adaptable pigs are in the wild. Capable of producing one-and-a-half litters per year, pigs are growing far faster than they can be destroyed.

“The feral hog population has exploded in the last 20 years, and our ability to control them will depend on two primary factors,” TDA Commissioner Todd Staples told the Southwest Farm Press. “First, our efforts must be coordinated across all public entities and private landowners. Second, we must focus on the most low-cost, high-return methods when investing limited taxpayer dollars into this effort.”

In 2010 the department created the Hog Out Challenge that encouraged hunters to harvest pigs, leading to a high number of pigs removed. Texas is once again looking for a similar low-cost, results-producing strategy.

“This is both an urban and rural problem that directly impacts our economy and the future of Texas agriculture,” Staples added. “We need to step up our efforts to thwart these dangerous creatures, and CHAMP does just that.”

Image courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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95 thoughts on “Texas to Pay Sportsmen to Hunt Hogs

  1. In the Leon River Watershed alone, there are 26,000 feral hogs, at this time. So, $30,000 will place a bounty on each hog harvested at under $1.16 per hog. If there are 260,000 hogs removed, $11.60 per hog ??? Do the math!

    1. Did you fail math? It stated that counties will match state funding dollar-for-dollar UP TO $30k, meaning $60k… Anything after that the county doesn’t have to match… and even then that doesn’t mean if you turn in all the hogs that is all you get… It never mentioned how much each hog is worth. Go back to school kid. I always see you trolling around saying the dumbest shit ever.

  2. You have to remove 75% of the hogs per year to simply maintain the current population. To reduce it will take popularizing the sport of hog hunting. I was a writer for Boar Hunter Magazine for 7 years. Magazines have to sell ads to stay in business. Most potential advertisers consider hog hunting a small “niche” market and are hesitant to buy. Popularize it more through outdoor media.

    1. We have started an organization here in Texas, it is the THHA Or Texas Hog Hunters Assn. and we have a coalition of members from hunters to outfitters and land owners working together against this plague we call Feral hogs. Join our social media group. We are rapidly growing and are always looking for feedback on ways to find a balance between control and the sportsman hunter.

  3. Make it more affordable to hunt and out of staters may help with your problem.
    For instance I live 750 miles from Houston, by the time I pay for gas and lodging and food, buy an out of state hunting license and then to add insult to injury have to pay some landowner to harvest the pigs that are destroying their land why would I do this; I will not!

    1. That’s what I’m say in. Make it affordable and I know a bunch of us would come down for a week and shoot the tar out of hogs.

  4. It’s about time but as usual it already to late as even with this program the population has gotten so big that this will not be the answer to this problem. There was one ranch that for years offered ” free ” hog hunts which of course ended up costing the hunter a minimum of $750.00 for each hog. The attorney general there finally stepped in and shut them down. The hogs got so bad here in GA at Fort Benning located in middle Columbus, GA that they offered a $25.00 bounty for each hog tail turned in that was killed on base property. Hogs are smart and when hunted hard they will turn nocturnal and only move and feed and drink at night. They were even using helicopters with IR to assist hunters because the hogs were causing so much damage to base property. The only way to rid one’s property of hogs is to kill every one you can focusing on the sow’s as they are the one’s turning out the 1 and a 1/2 litter of piglets per year. Hogs are extremely dangerous to hunt as they will turn and attack when cornered or wounded. A lot of folks use dogs which is a great way to hunt them but is expensive. Want help with hogs then the ranchers should offer truly FREE hog hunting on their ranches and give as much help to the hunters as they can. They should make and maintain a list of ranches that will allow hunters to come onto their ranches and kill hogs.

    1. Agreed. If I gotta buy a hunting license so be it but don’t charge me for the privilege of helping u get rid of a pest.

      1. A hunting license, for hogs only, should cost $2. Illinois charges $250 per net for commercial fishing licenses, and look at the problem with Asian carp. No one is inclined to help.
        I just bought hunting property in south Texas. We are moving there. I plan to hunt hogs instead of watching reruns on TV.

  5. Heck I’d go hunt em for no bounty if I could hunt somewhere for free. It would b a blast to go down there and stack bacon. I know a few of us Missouri boys that would love to come down and help thin out the herd.

      1. Compared to Texas we have very few and they are shoot on sight, kill by whatever means necessary. Our game agents hunt em hard when they find em on public land even to the extent of using helicopters. That said we don’t really have a huntable population yet and we don’t want one.

      2. Yes, Missouri has tons of hogs. 90 thousand estimated right now. They’re exploding but MDC are being asses about it. They’re harassing legit hog hunters who hunt with dogs because they WANT to do it themselves but they’re doing a horrible job.

  6. I see the “reality” shows on TV where people are catching hogs. To this dumb ole country boy that is about the dumbest way one could ever reduce the wild hog herds. Trapping these critters is not rocket science and will do a heck of a lot more good then trying to catch these porkers one at the time.

    1. Retired conservation agent here did just that on him mothers place in the southern part of MO. I don’t know how many he got but I’m positive it was several.

    2. Your a damn idiot catching them with dogs is the most effective way and it also help populrize the sport. So if your damn yankee talking about hogs get out or be humble. Instead of criticizing us and our way to kill hogs.

  7. Needs more widespread publication. I don’t blame ranchers for making a buck, but some are outrageous in their prices ! Laws need to be changed so that the pork harvested can go to homeless shelters and charities…

      1. Most wild animal meat sold commercially undergoes some of most stringent testing, I’m sure it would be fine :).

  8. Most hunters in Texas have the equipment to hunt pigs. Make sure the bounty must go to the hunters not the landowners/outfitters.

    1. No they shouldn’t make a buck if the animals are such a problem that there needs to be a bounty. There used to b a bounty on coyotes in this state. Even now, years after the bounty was lifted, if guys are running dogs trying to kill coyotes most guys allow it as long as they don’t tear up property or rut up the meadows.

  9. I’ve got a huge readership of hunters here in California, and they’re dying to hunt pigs. I’m sure I could arrange a trip to Texas with a dozen or so hunters who would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for lodging/meals and access to wild pig hunting if anyone out there has a hunting ranch that might want to make a few dollars and get rid of some pigs. Let me know if anyone is interested? Thanks, Bill Karr, Editor, Western Outdoor News, NorCal

      1. Chris Stephens!!
        I am definitely interested in hunting any hogs you have and need gone. I know I have several other members in my unit who would be interested in hunting them too!!

      2. I am very interested in taking a few hogs been looking for somewhere to take a trip for a weekend to try to get some hogs but it seems like everyone wants a small fortune

    1. California allows hunting feral hogs. Problem? They require the hunter to have a license AND permit PLUS they have to tag each HOG! California is just trying to justify collecting money on all of those permits. They also categorize the feral hog as a GAME ANIMAL! Insane!

    2. I’ve seen California hunters in Idaho and wouldn’t allow them on my property, shouldn’t be allowed to have guns they make sound shots most can’t hit the target and leave a mess where ever they go

  10. sounds good to me i wood like to get paid to hunt me and my friends and family hunt alot all over texas i wood like to know more about this

  11. Hunting hogs is a blast… if the hogs slip up enough to even give you a shot. They can detect certain scents from 5-7 miles away. They’re also very smart. So if they detect something’s wrong… they don’t stick around to find out what it is. Sure, people are successful at hunting them. But ask them how many tries it took. Arial hunting sounds more promising, but it also promises to be a bit more expensive. If you’re looking for a good time, hunt them. If you’re looking for a good solution, trap them.

  12. Damn! Just kill as many as you can. Especially the sows! Duh ! Trophy Boar hunting is a shqm.- they just want hogs to hunt – as if there aren’t enough now ! Control hunting is way different than sport hunting. Learn the difference!

    1. Farmers pay you ??? are you serious, they’ll charge you around $125 to $200 a day to shoot their “problem hogs and are tearing up their land. What needs to be done, is people stop paying them, and not kill any hogs for a few month’s. Then these ranchers and farmers will be willing to allow free hunting…. It’s all about the money, not the hogs… They all need to stop crying and live with it… that or allow hunting…

  13. Too bad they can’t just put up snares everywhere and catch them that way…. but that would destroy all the natural wildlife that people want to keep. Messy situation. If money weren’t an issue all of America would go to the south to take care of this problem, then have one big bar b que the size of Texas ahahahaha im up for it!

    1. I own 133 acres in S TX & between trapping & hunting we’ve killed as many as 63 hogs in 1 year. I was in the military (Army) for 9 years & always qualified expert with any weapon I tried. There are plenty of good ol’ boys down here that put me & most military expert-qualified individuals to shame. Sounds to me like you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about & you’re just trying to boost your own low self confidence. I now have CNS nerve damage that causes me to have uncontrollable tremors & I’ll still school you on the range.

      1. Your exactly right Matt. These pork chops aren’t stupid. They know human smell and know they’re hunted. Knowing how to shoot has no bearing when they won’t go where you can get them in your sight. Not only have several guys in my area been trying to take a local drove out for almost a year now, we’ve had several hog hunters try to put a dent in their numbers. No luck as they’ve moved their path to the thickets in the creek bottoms (county owned land… no hunting!), and through properties the owners don’t allow hunting on, coming up onto our own privately owned lands only periodically. One would THINK “problem solved” however they are now more of a danger to the general public driving through the area as they have also taken to spending more time on public roadways that cross the creek bed. A full grown boar plus a Honda Accord going 45 to 60 miles an hour equals a tow truck call and one PISSED OFF piggy. In the past six months I’ve seen the stated Honda, a Ford Taurus, Suzuki Swift, Chevy Cobalt and a V.W. Jetta towed from the same crossing. Trucks with a good ol boy brush bumper… now that’s a different story. However its not very smart to eat meat off the asphalt after it’s been “grilled”.

  14. I think they need to put sit prices on the amount of hogs u kill are just let us ark boys come hunt for free and not charge us for helping we can take care of are kill are self and why try to make money off people that want to help you on your problem there is always some one that wants money that’s what this world has came to all about money

    1. Dude! Where did you learn to write? Were you born in a foreign country? I applaud your view but we (those of us fighting the anti gun lobby) dont want to portray hunters and gun owners as uneducated hicks.
      If its your spell check then please read before you hit the send button.
      Please dont take offense, we are on the same team. Like playing team sports we help each other to be better.

    2. Yea, you should go back to school and learn the basics first, primarily (that means mostly) spelling and punctuation (that means periods and commas and stuff like that). Then learn how to put together and vocalize (that means speak) a sentence. We (us stupid Texans) don’t (that meant do not) need ignorant imbreds (that means you) to come here to help us with a hog (pig) problem. Not even if you are going to help us for free (no money). We would be more scared (afraid/fearful) of you shooting one of us than we are of the hogs.

  15. “Hogs are also found on farms, golf courses, and residential areas in every one of the state’s 54 counties. ”

    Texas should invent a new sport: ‘Summer Biathlon’.

    Merely pack your favorite baconmakin long rifle with your golf clubs. Bonus if you actually take out a hog with your golf ball.

      1. You’ve got to watch over your shoulder for Wookies when you lay out a spread like that….

      2. And you have to warn people of your changing avatars ha ha ha ha……….. I spit coffee all over my bacon, which actually isn’t bad… but made the cheese go funny………….LOL

  16. “There are over five million feral pigs in America and no state has more than Texas.”
    I’d say! Closer to 70 million and they all voted for Obama.

    1. It’s a cryin shame too, that they repeated their mistake even though they had no reason to believe that they would save twenty five hunnert on their family health insurance period….

  17. I want to go hog hunting but I don’t want to pay..If anyone wants me to clean up on pigs call me 719-580-6024 I would even donate meat to the food banks for people that need it

    1. No Mark, it is ALL bullshit. It is a BIG BUSINESS for the landowners here in TX to MAKE MONEY. They DO NOT WANT sport hunting, and they do not want one or two hogs killed. We are wasting our time trying to find landowners who will allow sport hunting on their properties. They have the problem, that many of them CAUSED and perpetuated, and now it is out of control, and they beg the sate for funds to solve the problem that could easily be controlled by NO FEE sport hunting, but these brainless landowners are SO EFFING afraid of lawsuits.

  18. I have to admit I have seen the ads. Texas we have a hog problem please come help. Then you start reading and yes come shoot out hogs $XX per day or $XX per hog. You want them gone or do you want to make money to lose on the hogs?

  19. Hogs are pests and the only way I believe to make any real progress in controlling or eradicating them is through sterilization. Pigs are smart which makes it difficult to kill them with ease or in large numbers. I don’t have the answers of how to sterilize them without affecting other species such as deer. Would we as hunters be willing to allow something like that to decrease the deer population to solve the problem? Then when the problem has been solved, begin to work to repopulate the deer population. Maybe there is an answer somewhere in between. I don’t know. I do know that we are losing the wild hog battle. How serious are we about it? Just something to think about.

  20. J&C offers free hog removal. Land is surveyed to check severity of issue and a plan is formulated based on that information. Hogs are removed both via trap and dogs dogs are live stock broke we trap if owner don’t won’t dogs used if you have any questions please call 832-401-1576

  21. I’m willing to come down and help if it’s free. if you’re still want to make money off of them then your hog problem is not big and serious enough.

  22. I live within 15 mins of Dallas, and from 02′–11′ I went hunting usually about two to three times a year. Always deer hunting, only went hog hunting once, and shot it square through the shoulder blades and searched for 3 hours til dark and had to give up. Haven’t been hunting in close to four years now. Got an itchy trigger finger and have been dying to go hog hunting. Only problem is, I have heard so many people constantly moaning about feral hogs on their lands, yet they want to charge local hunters to take care of their problem. Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was cheap like $20 or “bring a case or two of beer and you can hunt all weekend” sort of thing. But most places want you to fork over $100-300. This is insane. I would rather go buy 300 dollars worth of bacon at the store and shoot my .22 at cans in my back yard than give them the satisfaction of screwing over hunters. I am hoping that sometime soon, most everyone will realize that these hogs are clever and a lot smarter than you give them credit for and will welcome local hunters with open arms.
    Anywho, if anyone within about 3hrs of Dallas has a hog problem and is open to a beer/hog exchange, shoot me an email and we can work out a deal.

  23. yes I was intreasted in signing up for the payed to hog hut and woundering how I do it ? I live around the ennis tx area and have around 250 acreas my family farms on so I no all about the hog problem I currently have a domestic feeder hogs on the farm to so we really have a wild hog problem . 🙂 but its all good I currently go hunting for them atleast twice a week most of the time alone but I do have a team of buddies that we get together sometimes and go but I also do not belive in wasting food so if I don’t eat them or my family I give them to friends I no . but anyways if u don’t mind could u send me the addreas or link or point me in the right direction to sign up plz and thanks . have a great hunt.

    1. Sir,
      If you still have issues with hogs more than you or your friends can handle I would ask for permission for myself and or maybe a couple of people from my unit to come up and assist you with your hog issues.. Much thanks

  24. I have 4 guys that would do it but were out of state but if it was free we would come down just let me know be very glad to help !!!!!

  25. I live outside of Texas, but lived there in the early 1980’s and the hogs were just getting going then. I know of a few guys around here that would come down and help with the problem. I can’t pay to hunt, but will buy an out of state hunting license. We will arrange our own lodging. I can be contacted at Thank you to anyone who can help!

  26. Myself and my two sons are coming to the Centerville Texas area the week after Christmas to hunt pigs at a pay ranch. We would like to hunt a couple of more days for free . Please contact me if anyone has interest in removing some hogs for their land.

  27. Anyone want to hunt or trap hogs on my property is more than welcome to do so, by legal means, of course. I live in Sinton, Tx 78387. The ONLY thing i could see as payment would be some form of processed meats in return. If these things are good enough for eating, catch your limit, then fill my freezer with meat. That is all i would want in return. Any takers?

  28. Most people don’t know it but even Western Idaho has a minor hog problem. European wild boar were released into apple orchards at Fruitvale. In fact the city or community as it was doesn’t exist other than by name and a few land owners. A friend of mine was elk hunting and heard some rustling in the bushes and thought it was a bear which are very common. It was a 200 pound boar that came crashing out of there with the intent on making him a meal. My friend is 5’5″ and was carrying a 257 Roberts. He cut out on a dead run with the pig right behind him. He swung the rifle from the hip while running and pointed it behind him and pulled the trigger. Caught the porker between the eyes and he dropped dead. He is now mounted and on the wall in his office. I’ve seen a lot of pigs but nothing I’ve seen has a snout that long. Five inch tusks. He smiles about it now and when I checked with Fish and Game they told me to shoot them on sight. They root up the seep bottoms, kill and eat young deer and elk and anything else they can catch. They were brought there prior to WWI and the orchards required trams to take the pickers in. With the start of the war there was no labor force left and it closed. Those hills have gone back to sage brush except some apple trees that have done wild in the draws where there is water. That is one of the types of places that attracts the hogs. Now I live in Northern Utah and several of us have talked and talked about hunting hogs. Friends and members of my past archery club went to California until all the fees started getting added and they all stopped. Our consideration of going to Texas has been high, but we always cool off after seeing and or discovering all the hidden fees. There is a lot of interest but no desire to get fleeced. I could fill a bus with the guys who would love to hunt there. Land owners control more than Wildlife Service but it comes down to the costs of travel, lodging and access. If it is too high, it becomes more expedient to buy bacon at the store. Sorry but that is the truth of it. Hope some changes happen for you fast as this is a tragedy that will only get worse before it gets better.

  29. TX hogs are out of control because you have to pay the state and landowners to hunt them! About $350 is as cheap as it gets, and that doesn’t include all of the extra “fees”, which are not cheap. Then there is transportation, food, and lodging on top of that. If TX wants to control the hog population, all they have to do is stop funding the fiasco.

    Hog overpopulation is a direct result of landowners, the supposed victims of hog damage, protecting their income. More hogs = more income! If you want to reduce hog population, you can’t allow property owners to charge a fee for hog hunting. By doing so, you turn a very damaging pest into a money maker.
    …and the state is going to pay sportsmen? I have a great beginning for that idea: stop making sportsmen pay for a license.
    I love that guy who suggests hog hunting from helicopters. Last time I checked it was $1,000 per hour! How about this: instead of what TX is proposing that cost $7M (lest we not forget that the government cost projections are often about 1/3 of actual costs), why not give $7M to helicopter operators for taking sportsmen on eradication flights, and offer flights by lottery to non-residents?

    1. This is a great analysis of the hog problem here in TX, that IS CAUSED by the land owners themselves because they want to make it into a PROFITABLE BUSINESS! And, they do NOT WANT sport hunting on their properties unless you pay them a lot of money for a day(s) lease. The landowners cry about the problems to the state, the state gives them money to eradicate, and then they pay professional hog hunting outfits to come in and spray the area with bullets, and leave the carcasses for the buzzards and predators. This entire hog problem is a BIG BUSINESS for the landowners, and they want to keep it that way. Don’t waste your time hoping for these landowners to reach out to you and ask you to hunt their land for FREE! It will NEVER happen, dudes.

  30. my team and i are located in baton rouge la and we travel to texas and different states trapping hogs every week, we charge 50 bucks each hog we kill, if anyone needs their ranch clear of hogs we can make a date and all of us will make them dissapear. if you have a huge problem we charge a set price if we kill more than 15 big hogs. give our crew a call an make a date and time 225-236-6739 . thanks

  31. I’m in Harris County and would like to be invited to hunt hogs for free. Either bow or rifle, I’m good with both. I will respect the property and not trash it up also I’ll be aware of where I shoot.

  32. I am in Galveston County & would like to hunt hogs. Will go anywhere in a 120 mile radius. Call 409-419-5059

  33. Hog, coyotes, bobcat, and/or cougar problems? Call me 417-987-4783 Im in the business of protecting american lively hood.

  34. I use armasight thermal sights along side ar platform rifles to help farmers in south/central texas. If you have a pest problem contact me at 210-2544573. Hunting at night is the best way to eradicate these pest.

  35. I have been very interested in hunting hogs over the past few years and now that I am recently retired from military I have some time. If anyone needs some help with nuisance hogs (Texas or Tennessee) i would be more than willing to help out. I just want the experience and if its free or small fee even better. I have a valid fishing/hunting combo license. I appreciate any help or opportunities (931) 802-7182 Rob….

  36. I have a solution! I would love to have as many feral pigs as possible. I know a lot of people who will eat them. I like to hunt and eat what I hunt. If someone is willing to pay me to get rid of them then let me at them. Also I am willing to hunt or trap or remove wolf, coyote, or cougar if any rancher has problems with these. Send me an email. I would like to help out any rancher.

  37. My crew is willing to come down to hunt or trap any hogs. If the farmers or ranches are willing to allow for it. We will also work on properties to help in any way. Send me an email and we will be glad to come out. At Or call at 434-808-9539.

  38. The TDA and/or CHAMP “programs” either never started, or they a secret slush fund given to the land owners who then pay the professional hog hunters to come in. Do not waste your time trying to find landowners with hog problems who will allow you to hunt on their land for free, or in any kind of sport hunting manner.

    of shows that the ranchers and farmers don’t want legal sport hunters
    on their property, and want to either rely on the professionals who come
    in and they pay them, or will try other methods (maybe poison, which
    is utterly irresponsible), or will complain to the state. It’s all or
    nothing for them. Instead of trying to share this nuisance problem and
    allowing it to be a sport for others, it becomes a business. Thanks,
    landowners with problems, for making it into a bigger problem because
    you want to make money off of a problem that you complain about. People
    are willing to help you without you having to pay money, and you refuse
    them. Great effing decision. And please don’t
    use the stupid
    excuse about liability problems that I have not considered. Enjoy your
    hogs. I have stopped hunting in TX, so no more buying a license
    because of single minded , and stupid people. There is something wrong
    with the system that no one is fixing, just more BS.

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