The MidwayUSA Foundation Announces the Constituent Challenge Program


The MidwayUSA Foundation and Scholastic Shooting Trust, a public charity established by MidwayUSA founders Larry and Brenda Potterfield, announces the Constituent Challenge program, which will begin 1 July 2013. Under the terms of the program, the MidwayUSA Foundation will provide $15,000 to teams receiving the most money deposited into their respective endowment accounts on a monthly basis. The Constituent Challenge will continue for the remainder of calendar year 2013. Teams may win multiple times.

“Youth shooting teams and their supporters play a key role in the rapid growth the Foundation is currently experiencing in exceeding 2700 active youth teams and $38,000,000 in endowments,” says Dick Leeper, Executive Director of The MidwayUSA Foundation. “Incentive programs such as the Constituent Challenge offer yet another way teams and donors can grow their endowment accounts quickly through participation in our fundraising promotions, partnering with local conservation group chapters or through simple donations.”

The MidwayUSA Foundation works with shooting teams, conservation groups and the shooting industry to raise funds in support of high school and collegiate shooting programs. Each donation brings the SST another step closer to achieving sustainable support for youth shooting programs.

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