Texas Deer Association Fishing Tournament Reels In Fun and Prizes


The Texas Deer Association (TDA) is proud to announce the winners of its Third Annual Brush to Bay Invitational Fishing Tournament, held recently at the Bluff’s Landing Marina & Lodge in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Switching their focus from antlers to angling, a total of 93 teams competed for Texas-sized bragging rights, nearly $20,000 in cash prizes and for a chance to win a fully loaded 20-foot Majek Xtreme Boat, valued at $43,000, at the Third Annual Brush to Bay Invitational Fishing Tournament.

“Whether it’s whitetail or redfish, Texas sportsmen love the outdoors and we’re very pleased with the competition and camaraderie at our Third Annual Brush to Bay Invitational Fishing Tournament,” says Karl Kinsel, executive director of the Texas Deer Association. “The TDA has a long-standing and honored reputation for being a steward for Texas deer, but we care deeply about all of our Texas outdoors traditions and this event successfully brings together sportsmen from across the state.”

The results for the Guided -Trout Stringer category was: 1st place, Eddie Aguilar; 2nd place, Lauren Tipps; and 3rd-place, Dwain Bankston. The Unguided -Trout Stringer winners were: 1st place, James Burns; 2nd place, Stacy Wyatt; and 3rd place, Leo Martinez.

Top honors in the Guided Red Stringer competition went to: 1st place, Clint Kacal; 2nd place,Dwain Bankston; and 3rd place, Tommy Spalten. The Unguided Red Stringer winners were: 1st place, Paul Swoyer; 2nd place, James Burns; and 3rd place, Kevin Dziuk.

Winners in the individual categories were James Burnes, Oversized Trout; Lauren Tipps, Oversized Red; Jason Skinner, Black Drum; Danny Gonzales, Flounder; and Clint Kacal won the Majek Xtreme Boat.

The TDA is the only non-profit organization solely committed to improving the quality of Texas deer herds through better habitat practices, modern harvest strategies and use of superior deer to enhance the deer herds. As a part of its public education efforts, the TDA produces a full-color bimonthly publication, Tracks Magazine, which updates TDA members on current industry news, deer genetics and game management issues. The TDA also hosts an annual convention and trade show every August featuring fund-raising auctions, a deer auction, golf tournament and other events.

For registration for the Superior Genetics Deer Auction event and for membership information for the Texas Deer Association, visit www.texasdeerassociation.com or call 210.767.8300.

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