Wounded Warriors Compete at 1,000 Yards

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) hosted four wounded warriors at the Score High Tactical Rifle Challenge. This is a two-day long range shooting competition held at the Zia and Del Norte gun clubs near Albuquerque, NM in mid-June. Contested at distances of 100 to 1,000 yards over 27 stages, more than 100 experienced long range shooters competed for nearly $200,000 in non-cash prizes, and each HAVA disabled veteran shot the stages and took home prizes including a Tika Lite rifle, a McMillan Stock gift certificate plus a Texas Whitetail, Turkey and Goose hunt donated by Krister Ranch. The wounded warriors included a Ranger, Paratrooper, Special Ops soldier and a Corpsman; each eager to regain their pre-injury long range skills and re-enter the outdoor world.

“What a win-win way to get these heroes back into outdoor sports by having them participate with some of the best long range shooters,” said HAVA Chairman Tom Taylor. “The veterans get to feel the rush of competition and the experienced shooters get to help the warrior polish their shooting skills as a small step in re-integration back into civilian life for these men who returned injured from war – each eager to share their personal stories and connect with other sportsmen. This is the best part of the HAVA mission – to re-ignite the wounded warrior’s interest in the outdoors and get him or her back out there with Americans who share their passion and appreciate their valor.”

Match Director, Tate Moots added, “Over the two days of competition the bond between top shooters and wounded warriors was magic and you could see the emergence of the warrior’s enthusiasm for outdoor sports as they polished their long range skills. What a joy to see this transformation first-hand. One of the experienced shooters noted after the two day match that he’s had enough shooting for a while but that he could listen to these injured heroes tell their stories all night. These men had seen terrible things during their service and to share with people who honored their service certainly seemed a part of their rehabilitation. Every American has seen the news reports, but to hear it from the men who were there, and to tell them how much the country appreciates their service is a rare and rewarding experience.”

Images courtesy Media Direct Creative

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