Survival expert and one-man camera crew Les Stroud has built up quite the fan base while working on his Discovery Channel show Survivorman. Now it seems that the Canadian adventurer seeks to break into the comic book world with his first graphic novel.

With the help of Bluewater Productions and a team of artists and writers, Stroud will be making new strides into the world of fantasy. While his show may be firmly entrenched in reality–with Stroud offering practical tips and exploring very real locations–the comic will take on a more fantastical bent. Writer Dusty McGowen had been tapped to write the story, while artists Brian Lucey and Matt Lesniewski spearheaded the visual side of the project.

“I still can’t believe I had such a great opportunity to work on this ‘Survivorman’ project,” said McGowen in a press release. “Darren G. Davis, President of Bluewater has assembled a passionate and creative team, and we look forward to ushering the ‘Survivorman’ into comic book form. I love the show and hope that Les’ fans will find plenty to like as this story continues.“

Stroud ceased production on Survivorman after its third season aired in 2008, citing the physical stress of the show as a major factor in his decision. The show revolved around remote locations where Stroud was dropped off with limited supplies and camera equipment. With no recording crew, the survival expert then had to film while still procuring food, shelter, and other essentials.

Although the main draw of the show was Stroud’s isolation, a support team was always ready–if at a distance–in case he suffered a major injury or was in danger. Before each filming, Stroud consulted heavily with both his team and local experts as well as scouting the location beforehand.

Stroud has announced that a new television project is in the works for winter 2014.

The comic should be a blissful reprieve for Stroud, although his character will be going through no small amount of trouble. Aimed for release this fall, Survivorman: The Horn of Providence follows Stroud as he hunts for a long lost American artifact, ending up adrift at sea and struggling to survive in the backwoods of the English countryside.

“Working on ‘Survivorman’ has been very interesting,” Lucey commented. “This is my first comic book job and I have been learning a lot in terms of improving my skills as an artist. It has been hard work but I enjoy it!”

The comic will be in part biographical.

Image courtesy Bluewater Productions

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  1. Bear Grylls is kind of a joke compared to Les. I read a lot and have grandsons . . .I see a copy coming my way.

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