Editor’s note 7-24-2013: It has since come to our attention that only Six Flags employees are being considered for potential bowhunting opportunities. We apologize for any confusion our original reporting may have caused.

Employees at Six Flag’s St. Louis location can enjoy roller coasters, raft rides, paintball, and now even bowhunting. Officially located in Eureka, Missouri, the amusement park actually owns several hundred acres of prime hunting ground. According to the Eureka-Wildwood Patch, the park had closed its grounds to hunters for the past half-decade. Thanks to the efforts of one park employee, that is about to change.

At a meeting of the Eureka Board of Aldermen on Tuesday, a Six Flags employee presented a letter of permission from the park to hunt on the property. The board found no reason to deny the request.

“We approved the permit for bow hunting,” said Mayor Kevin Coffey. “Just that individual. Every individual would have to come up here and apply, and they have to have permission from Six Flags. They have to show us that they are in in a safe spot, hunting in a safe method.”

Six Flags previously denied hunters who came to the park for permission but may have had a change of heart due to a small boom in deer numbers in the area. Visitor reviews of the park mention frequent deer sightings, even near some of the park’s most popular rides.

The hunts will be taking place far away from the amusement park proper and any residential areas. People looking to apply will need to contact both the Six Flags St. Louis management, as well as the Eureka board.

Image from Pacman5 on the Wikimedia Commons

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3 thoughts on “Bowhunting Allowed on Request at Six Flags Location in Missouri

  1. Just emailed Six Flags St Louis and they are only allowing park employees.

    The person that first replied to me didn’t even know about it, and claimed he was a bowhunter himself.

  2. I called as well. Only full time employees are allowed to hunt there. Somebody should have gotten their facts straight before publishing this article!

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