The folks over at Mossy Oak recently released a video of a gigantic cottonmouth snake–also called a water moccasin–big enough to give a small anaconda pause. It’s pretty big, but is it the largest in the world?

These large snakes are not to be underestimated. Cottonmouths have a reputation for being aggressive and standing their ground when approached. These snakes are also equipped with hemotoxic venom, which attacks blood and tissue cells. The venom will eventually prevent a victim’s blood from coagulating and cause bleeding from open orifices. Thankfully, fatalities from cottonmouth bites are rare and can be effectively treated with antivenom.

The video was reportedly captured from a duck hole. Check it out below.

The largest cottonmouth ever recorded measured just below six feet, at 71 inches long.

Image screenshot of video by Mossy Oak on YouTube

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55 thoughts on “Video: World’s Largest Cottonmouth?

  1. I’ve had people call me a liar when I report seeing them over three feet long in the Obion River bottom. They will swear a cottonmouth won’t grow over 18″-24″.

      1. I’ve lived in AL also and from my experience, cottonmouths can definitely grow to 3 feet or more.

    1. have seen that big before out in the canoe, they get bigger than people think have seen more than one the size of this one in the video

    2. Larry, when I was a kid in the river bottoms of Arkansas, we killed one that was probably 4′ to 4.5′ long. When that hing door mouth opened up we hit it in the snow white mouth with a rock that weighed at least 5 pounds stunned him and the pelted him with more of the rocks until he quit moving.

  2. Sorry, MP, but snakes are part of the eco-system and they help keep the natural balance. Glad they left him alone. I am a hunter and fisherman and have seen several of these types of snakes in my native Iowa. They can get very big and while they are kind of creepy and scary, they are part of the natural world. Kill them? Why?

    1. Considering the massive amount of damage that this Eurocentric society has inflicted upon this country’s ecosystems from one end to the other, it’s a bit late to be concerned about such ecosystems now, dontcha think, there, hombre?

      1. Yeah, since we sh!t all over ourselves why should we give a crap, let’s just keep on messing up the planet right MEA!

    2. Aren’t hunters and fishermen part of the eco system too? Couldn’t man removing things like rodents and snakes be part of the balance?

    3. I will kill him because I am in the outdoors all the time, and have almost been bitten more than once. I have also lost a dog to one, and had other dogs bitten, but they survived, The bits from these snakes normally are not fatal to humans, but can caused crippling tissue damage. THAT IS WHY I KILL THEM.

  3. I grew up along the Colorado River an hour from Houston. Everyone in that country called these blunt tailed moccasins. Really thick and 4 to 4 1/2 feet long. This one is about that sized I’d say.

  4. posts say leave it alone as part of the eco system. Hog wash, there is not a poisonous snake in Ireland and if they can get along fine without them, L will be fine here in America without any. we have toomany here in s. Georgia so I kill any I find.

  5. I ran over a cooper head a few months ago that was around 6 feet long or longer and then a few days later i ran over a cotten mouth that was 4-5 feet long and when i ran over him 3 good size perch popped out of it

      1. Copper Heads don’t. Cotton Mouth Moccasins do and this is a Moccasin. I killed one in my garden this big.. Good garden hoe is a fine snake weapon.

      2. Normally, Copperheads are about 2 1/2 ft, but I personally killed one with my lawn mower that was over 4 ft long. Had to be a record, of some sort. This was in Orange, County, texas.

  6. I see them quite often here in East Central AL while fishing on the river, lakes, and ponds. I have seen quite a few of them very fat & over 4 feet. The majority of them that I have seen though have been around 3 to 3.5 feet and fat of course. That is a big one for sure in that pic.

  7. Creepy. Unless the location is really out of the way I would’ve shot it. No need of that thing hanging around a swimming hole.

  8. Dats a big boy but i told ya one thing here in south la dem r normal size so i dont know bout biggest in da world wish dey woulda put some measurements

      1. Did that comment make you feel superior Janet? Just exactly what is “plain English” By the way, “English” should be capitalized – especially when you’re slamming someone’s dialect and grammar. In other words, stfu unless you have something pertinent to contribute.

  9. Oh, for Pete’s sake! This snake is nowhere near 6ft long. Notice the shotgun shell for scale at about 45 seconds into the clip. This is a nice big adult but probably no more than 3ft long. The cool thing in the video is that it shows some very interesting foraging behavior. The snake is moving upstream while arcing its body across the flow and then pausing. This snake is trying to herd small fish or tadpoles with its body. Pretty cool trick for a dumb ol’ snake.

    Andy Gluesenkamp

    State Herpetologist

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

    1. Actually, I think it exceeds 3 ft, and closer to 4. Large Cottonmouths in Southeast Texas are between 3 to 4 ft, but I have seen them in excess of 5 ft.

  10. Most people mistake water snakes for cottonmouths. I live in South Louisiana & there is no shortage of either. Most of the older folks around here call a cottonmouth a “stump tail”. I’ve seen plenty of them, in the swamps of S. La. & I can’t recall ever seeing one longer than 4′. If he’s that long, he’ll be as big as a man’s arm in diameter. A cottonmouth will stand it’s ground & some are very aggressive……

    1. Ecosystem be damned. My life and the lives of my loved ones and pets are more important to me. We leave the non poisonous snakes alone (my wife even likes to catch them and play with them), but any poisonous snake near populated areas should be either killed, or captured by professionals for relocation. Trouble is, there’s never a pro around when the snake shows up.

  11. When I was a kid my Dad and I would wade the creeks and small rivers in SW Missouri hunting frogs. Every night we would encounter a cottonmouth swimming the waters with us…Just kept a light on him until he was out of sight.

  12. that’s a cottonmouth alright, seen enough of them to know. also took a dry bite from one . she’s definitely a pretty girl

  13. I seen an old picture hanging at a store in Osceola arkansas of a guy helping dig lake neark, which is a man made lake there, but he was holding a cotton mouth he killed over his shoulder and the guy was a huge guy and it was wider than his shoulder and his head was on the ground in front of him and the tail was on the ground behind him. I think the store were the picture hang was own by a guy they called big daddy lefonce.

  14. mean bastards as well I had 1 come right up to me raise up like a cobra and wait for me to put my stringer of fish back where I just took em from it. I taped it with my pole and it eventually left.

  15. Sorry, no way that snake is even close to 6 ft, maybe 4. I’ve seen more than my share here in south LA and that is not the size your story estimates. Very obvious by comparing to adjacent vegetation and habitat. However, no less intimidating.

  16. Our property is 45 yards from about 400 acres of Florida swamp. I’ve had them chase me on a riding lawn mower. They are super aggressive and I never have a problem turning around and lowering the deck to make sure the job gets done right! I carry a judge pistol for backup, I never pass up the opportunity to kill a poisonous snake, you never know when that snake will bite someone or a pet.

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