Proving once again his quick hands and sharp eyes, speed shooter Jerry Miculek makes mincemeat of five steel targets in less time than it takes a baby elephant to sneeze. For this drill, Jerry is using what appears to be 24-karat gold-plated STI 2011 pistol. Jerry states that it’s one-of-a-kind and we’re inclined to believe him. After all, who would argue with a man who holds 52 national titles, 45 world titles, and only requires a trigger finger to turn a revolver fully automatic?

Eat your heart out Scaramanga.

Image screenshot of video by MiculekDotCom on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Jerry Miculek Blazes Through V-drill with Gold-plated Pistol

  1. Hve been lucky enough to shoot with Jerry and get a short lesson from him. He is a true gentleman and, obviously, a great shooter. He has a way of boiling things down to the simplest and putting it in words even an idiot like me can understand.

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