Much like the rest of the country, Colorado is seeing a rise in the number of new gun owners and those requesting a concealed weapons permit. According to the Denver Post, the number of new applicants is sizable enough to persuade local authorities to hire new staff and add on extra hours to existing employees’ shifts to deal with the increase. From January to June in 2013, over 31,500 background checks were conducted in the state for concealed carry permit applications, compared to only 16,886 processed during the same period in 2012–amounting to a staggering 87 percent jump.

Earlier this year Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a pivotal package of gun control bills into law. The move brought Colorado alongside a handful of other states that enacted similar gun control measures. The bills were passed despite considerable public outcry from gun rights advocates in the historically gun-friendly state. Many believed that if gun control bills were passed in Colorado, it could set a precedent for the rest of the country.

“The bottom line is, people are frightened. They’ve been pounded with the message that Obama is going to take your guns away,” former state Senator Gary Lindstrom told MSN News. “Every time there is a shooting, there is a surge in people buying guns. They’re being told you need to have a concealed carry permit because the end is near.”

With the current boom in demand and the removal of online-only certification, businesses offering concealed carry classes are dealing with a high number of new students.

“More people are realizing they are responsible for their own protection,” said Richard Abramson, who runs the Centennial Gun Club. “We have 500 students a month going through the courses.”

Most of the students are first-time gun owners and a large proportion are women. This trend agrees with a survey recently conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which found that gun retailers are reporting more first-time gun buyers and more female customers.

The new state laws mandated a 15-round magazine limit, an overhaul of the state’s background check system, and prohibited online concealed carry training. Undeterred, gun owners flooded the state with permit applications.

Some of Colorado’s new gun laws went into effect July 1. A lawsuit from 53 Colorado sheriffs and gun accessories manufacturer Magpul is attempting to reverse the newly enforced laws.

Image from Jephthai on the Wikimedia Commons

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9 thoughts on “Colorado Concealed Carry Permit Applications Skyrocket

  1. The only people who should be carrying a gun are law enforcement.
    Until the overly testosteroned give up their penile analogs we are going to have violence in the streets
    The NRA is a domestic terrorist organization!!!

    1. But law enforcement is NOT the only ones with guns. So I choose to protect myself against those who wish to do harm to innocent victims. The law cannot immediately be there to protect you so you have to be capable of protecting yourself until law enforcement arrives.

    2. If you haven’t already, I’d like to urge everyone to call or write your legislators and let them know that gun bans are unconstitutional, proven ineffective at reducing violent crime, compromise the security of a free State, and render law abiding citizens defenseless against criminal activity. It should also be suggested to eliminate gun free zones so that law abiding citizens with guns can quickly mitigate senseless acts of violence and reduce body counts. If we don’t fight for our freedoms, we will lose them. The Right to Bear Arms is the single freedom that protects and ensures the rest. Support the NRA!

    3. I think you are refering to the Democratic Party, Congressional Black Caucas, NAACP, The Black Panther Party, & La Raza. I know you being the sharpest knife in the drawer like most liberals couldn’t figure out what the Constitution is. You should support my 2nd Amendment rights, just like I support your 1st Amendment rights, no matter how stupidly choose to use them. So either you support the Constitution or you don’t. It was not written for Liberals to pick and choose what you want others to have. You should be grateful your mother didn’t believe like you do or you wouldn’t be here to spread your stupid comments. You would be in some jar at Planned Parenthood.

      1. Wow
        That was a diatribe!
        We liberals really scare you, don’t we?
        All the peace talk just gets to you, makes you feel like you need to go buy another assault rifle in case the government black helicopters come for you.
        That kind of delusion stands firmly in the way of progress.
        Therapy is needed.

      2. If you call giving up you your constitutional freedoms to become a police state, then your the one who is delusional. No police state has ever abused their power. If living in a police state is your idea of progress, then you liberals do scare me & I will go out & buy more assuslt weapons to comfort me like your Obama teddy bear comforts you.

  2. Dear Commonsenseralph, According to the US Justice Dept. there are 3.7 million home burglaries each year resulting in 265,560 assaults on homeowners. You can choose to hope it never happens to you or you can choose to provide yourself and your family the option to survive an attack. When seconds count the police are minutes away. Where I live more like 30 minutes. Owning a gun gives me the option to be the victim of a burglary – stuff is insured – but it also gives me the the option to save my family. Why you would not want that option is beyond me but that is your choice.

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