Redington has plenty of new products to unveil this year, from new wader technology to three separate groups of fly rods.

“Redington came out this year with three new styles of men’s waders called the Super Dry Wader Series,” said Kara Armano from Backbone Media. “What’s different about these waders versus ones in the past is they’re still using sonic-welding [Sonic-Pro] technology, so all the seams are sonically welded, which is a common place for waders to fail–but this year they partnered with Cocona. They applied the Cocona treatment to the interior of all three Super Dry Waders to increase breathability and temperature regulation.”

She said this technology drastically increases the comfort level of the waders, and with three options, anglers have plenty to choose from.

Redington also introduced women’s waders this year called the Siren Wader, which come in two different fit styles.

“Women’s bodies are just so hard to fit–there are so many different sizes and styles,” Armano said. “The Kate fits a narrower, slimmer body, and there is the Marilyn fit, which is a little bit curvier. It also has this expandable feature to accomodate different chest sizes and a really comfortable mesh back.”

She said Redington wanted to hit a specific price point with the women’s waders at $220 so those just getting interested in the sport are not discouraged by expensive equipment.

Also new to the Redington family are three new groups of fly rods.

“The first is called the Butterstick, which is a light little fiberglass fly rod that is meant for fishing in small streams and it kind of takes you back to the old days,” Armano said. “People who have been fishing for a long time really like the feel of fiberglass and appreciate it. And it’s at a really great price point of $250.”

The Dually is the second family, representing switch and spey rods. The new premium family of rods is the Vapin.

“It comes with this great red handle and also in cork, because you want options,” she said. “We partnered with Winn Grips from the golf world and so it’s very similar to a golf grip–a little softer on the hand. You can more so feel the action, which is a performance-enhancing feature.”

Adding even more new products to the list this year, Redington has also developed new wading boots.

“Wading boots in the past have been kind of dull–gray or brown–so they introduced new boots that are a little more stylish but still have really technological features,” Armano said. “They’re all stud compatible, so you can add metal studs right in there for better traction.”

The boots are available in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes.

For more information on Redington products, visit their website.

Image by Ariel Black

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