When East Brookfield resident Jacob Victor discovered a black bear on his farm, his first instinct was to protect the litter of 8-week-old Labrador puppies he had been raising. According to WHDH, the 250-pound bear was found near the fenced area where Victor had kept the dogs. Livestock were also present nearby. When the bear continued to stay on his property, Victor retrieved his rifle and killed the animal.

“We realized it wasn’t afraid of us and it wasn’t moving,” Victor said. “…[I was] just protecting my livestock, my family.”

Victor then informed the authorities of the incident, who removed the carcass. Although officers and game wardens deemed the shooting to be justified, the East Brookfield Police Department warned citizens not to shoot bears on sight, but rather call police so the bear can be removed with nonlethal methods. When the Police Department posted the story to their Facebook page a large amount of people chimed in with their reactions, often criticizing Victor. Victor responded that “the bear was a threat” and that he shot the animal because it was going for the dog food located inside the puppy pen. Due to the high amount of debate on the page, the East Brookfield Police Department decided to close its Facebook page temporarily.

Reportedly, it was the first time Victor had seen a black bear and he told WHDH he would have went for his camera instead of a rifle if the animal was not so close.

Image courtesy East Brookfield Police Department

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7 thoughts on “Massachusetts Man Shoots Bear in Backyard

  1. Why is the first instinct of man to kill something!?
    I’ve been around black bears my entire life. I’ve never seen one that didn’t run when you made loud noises. This guy is an idiot with a gun who thought ” hey, here’s an opportunity to kill somethin'”
    If the police were doing their job, he’d be in jail.

    1. Obviously you have a story line playing in your head that has nothing to do with the article.

      I’d guess you have a chronic problem with honesty. It’s OK to share, do tell girl .

      Hey, here is an idea, why don’t you dress up like a bear and go make threatening gestures toward Jacob Victor and his puppies . . . you might learn something.

      1. What part of my comment did you immediately take issue with and therefore deem it dishonest?

    2. You mistake his first instinct to kill something for what was his
      right & instinct,to protect something, his puppies & live stock.
      Why is that people like you always assume since a cute but potentially
      dangerous animal is killed that the person doing it is wrong.
      didn’t read anywhere in his statements that all he wanted to do was
      kill this bear. If you did please point it out to the rest of us.

      1. My experience with black bears us that they do not need to be shot to frighten them away. So yes, I inferred from the fact that he shot the bear that he wanted to shoot the bear. That is a logical inference, and is in no way dishonest. Were we discussing a brown bear, the action may have been appropriate, although that would be very rare also.

  2. I bet they end up arresting this guy even though he did nothing wrong. no charges now but I bet some are pending, the last thing a Liberal State like Taxachusetts wants is for citizens . . . . er uh , , , comrades to take the initiative in protecting life and property.

  3. We don’t often even hear of a bear in my area of the country, but if one were to happen by and threaten my dogs or chickens, and maybe pose a threat to my family, it will meet a swift end!

    You PETA types can kiss my a$$!!!!!

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