Gilbert Adams III took a truly monster-sized mule deer buck last month in Arizona during a rare July hunt. According to the Boone & Crockett Club, Adam’s buck was taken with a 400-yard shot and scored 276 gross with a 241” main frame on the Boone & Crockett scale. To allow for the special occasion, Adams had purchased a Governor’s Tag.

Governor’s Tags are much coveted by hunters and sometimes also a source of controversy. Costing anywhere between several thousand dollars to well over a hundred thousand, these tags allow hunters a chance to chase rare game, to stake out prime land or simply to hunt outside of the regular season. Because of these reasons, some hunters believe Governor’s Tags to be unfair to those unable to afford them. However, special tags also raise millions of dollars across the United States, which go into conservation and the preservation of wildlife. Earlier this year, an anonymous hunter made headlines as he broke a world record by paying $480,000 for a special permit to hunt bighorn sheep in Montana. Bighorns are especially desired as special permits because hunting opportunities are so rare. With only 40 tags at auction, the Wild Sheep Foundation alone raised more than $3.2 million for conservation in the United States and Canada.

Adams was accompanied by his wife Misty and guides Troy Brock and Doyle Moss on the hunt, which occurred near the Grand Canyon in the famed Arizona Strip.

Hat tip to Outdoor Life for finding the story.

Image courtesy Gilbert Adams III, Boone & Crockett Club

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7 thoughts on “Enormous Mule Deer Buck Bagged in Arizona

  1. While the Governor’s Tag might provide a lot of $$$ for wildlife funding, I think it is more of a case of “RICH GUY PAYS BIG BUCKS FOR GOOD HEAD”.

  2. What a monster! I would have preferred to shoot it after it had shed the velvet, but hunting is a game of opportunities.

    1. The guide’s name is Tory Brock, NOT Troy Brock.
      Congrats to all involved!
      AWESOME buck

      Don Martin
      Arizona Wildlife Outfitters

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