Some bears prefer take-out to eating in, but most reserve themselves to small helpings. This black bear, however, decides that instead of choosing it would rather have the entire dumpster. Remarkably, the bear is able to haul the dumpster out of sight and even came back for a second meal on another night. The dumpsters were found a short distance away by employees of Eldeweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs, who got a laugh after reviewing the security tapes.

Experts warn that feeding wild bears is no laughing matter. Familiarizing bears with humans as a source of food may lead to more brazen behavior that could end in injury to the bear or humans. Bears are inquisitive creatures but they remain wild and potentially dangerous. It is generally the policy of wildlife officials to kill bears that attack humans, rather than to relocate them. Experts advise keeping trash secure from the animals by using bear-proof dumpsters and other deterrents. According to The Colorado Springs Gazette, Eldeweiss management have placed tack strips–wooden boards with nails sticking out–around the dumpsters. The tack boards do not cause serious injuries to the bears and after one of the hungry creatures pricked his paw, no bears returned to the site.

Reportedly, the bear was lured by half-eaten Schnitzel, or boneless fried meat.

Image screenshot of video by CoDGlee on YouTube

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