For this Russian diver, curiosity nipped him right in the hand. While attempting to retrieve a monkfish from a net of shellfish, the bottom feeder closed its mouth around the man’s wrist and refused to let go. The diver and his friends tried several unsuccessful methods to free the hand, eventually managing to wedge the fish’s mouth open with pieces of wood.

The monkfish was at one time a rarely-eaten fish with flesh reminiscent of lobster meat. The tail of the monkfish contains the most meat and is often considered a “poor man’s lobster tail.” Today, monkfish are in high demand for a number of culinary dishes and often exceed lobster in price. The creature feeds by hiding in the seabed and luring other fish towards it with a bobbing appendage. When its prey comes close enough, the monkfish ambushes the fish and drags it into the sediment for consumption.

If Aquaman was a trapper, this would be the trap he uses.

WARNING: The video below contains some profanity. But it’s in Russian.

Image screenshot of video by tubemediacom on YouTube

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