Members Continuously Test and Review New Products on the Member-Exclusive Product Testing Site

North American Fishing Club , the premier community for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, is proud to announce their product testing powered by StuffStuff continues to grow site traffic by recently adding numerous new products to test, which drove traffic to nearly 5 million pageviews after being launched just one year. StuffStuff is a product testing site for members where they get to test AND keep free stuff.

Members have been able to test and review various products ranging from baits to filet knives, boat cleaning kits to GPS mapping programs. For example, 41 members tested the M. I. T. 100 Inflatable PFD Vest by Mustang Survival, rating it a 9.5 out of 10. Also, 100 percent of the testers recommended the product and 93 percent believed it was a good value. One tester said in a review, “The PFD is a very well made product and is very comfortable to wear. It’s not at all bulky and allows for unrestricted movement.” StuffStuff tracked 960 total social media activities on the product for Mustang Survival, including 588 hits on the product’s Facebook page.

The member benefits of StuffStuff are tremendous and far-reaching. “For members, StuffStuff is a win for all because it allows members to acquire free products they can use in and around the home,” said Branigan Weber, Field Test Editor. “It also allows them to contribute their opinions and suggested improvements directly to the manufacturer.”

Each product has its own page that features descriptions, reviews and ratings, comments, videos, images, and specifications. This is not only beneficial for the manufacturers who can track testers’ reviews, but also members who are interested in learning more about the product. Any member can apply to test a product, but only certain members qualify through a screening process that ensures the product is tested by a member who wants it, needs it, and will use it. This screening process set up by both the StuffStuff team and the manufacturer guarantees accurate reviews of every product featured on the website.

To become a tester for StuffStuff, or list your products as a manufacturer, visit: Testers must be members of one the clubs owned by North American Membership Group.

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