Five Nights of Nutritious, Delicious Dinners Every Week

As the lazy days of summer come to an end, families everywhere are readjusting to the fast-paced schedule of work plus school, sports and homework, which always involves preparing a healthy dinner each night. To make this seemingly overwhelming task easier than ever, the folks at CanCooker suggest using the new CanCooker Jr. to prepare healthy, enjoyable meals for the whole family almost effortlessly in less than an hour.

The unique design of the CanCooker Jr. efficiently converts the layer of liquid in the bottom of the container into steam that circulates within its shouldered design to create natural convection for fast, even cooking—all without boiling away the nutrients or combining flavors. The results are a tender, healthy and delicious meal for the family. While your delicious dinner is steaming to perfection, your attention can be focused on other important things like homework.

The CanCooker Jr. is remarkably easy to use. Simply add 12 ounces of your favorite liquid for moisture, load it up with your choice of ingredients—from surf to turf, layered above your favorite vegetables—and add your family’s favorite seasonings. Then, just lock down the top, and cook it on the stovetop over medium heat. Generally it takes about 30 minutes from when you see steam vapor releasing from the lid’s vent for your dinner to be ready to serve.

And thanks to the hard-coat-anodized aluminum surfaces combined with a light coating of non-stick spray and the steam-convection method of cooking, cleanup with soap and water is quick and easy, especially since you only have one cooking container to clean. The results, on the other hand, will make it seem like you slaved all day over the hot stove to create each wonderful meal.

Make your back-to-school transition easy and delicious with the CanCooker Jr. There’s no reason to stress about making dinner anymore; simply put everything in the CanCooker, and sit back while it does all the work.

For added convenience, CanCooker provides a wide variety of recipes on its website at Select from breakfast items to a variety of chicken, seafood and beef dishes that will make the dinnertime dilemma disappear as fast as your mom’s hand-me-down crock-pot. New recipes are added all the time, and they are all downloadable in a special recipe book.

The new CanCooker Jr. is available with a convenient storage bag for a suggested retail price of $59.99. The CanCooker Rack, which fits either the CanCooker or CanCooker Jr., is available separately for $13.99.

Image courtesy CanCooker

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