A slate of firearm-related bills are making their way through the California legislature, including a ban prohibiting the sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines, a bill that would make improper gun storage a crime, and a monumental lead ammo ban that would make the state the first to require nonlead ammunition for hunting by 2019.

California has long held the reputation of having the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Recently, states like New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and even Colorado have begun to challenge the Golden State’s title by passing their own gun control packages in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December. Now California legislators aim to make the state once again the nation’s toughest on guns.

According to Reuters, the state Assembly passed on Tuesday a bill that would ban the sale of all semiautomatic rifles with removable magazines. Existing firearms that fall under this distinction would have to be registered. The ban was drafted with specific language to target devices such as the “bullet button.”

The bill passed the Assembly 44-31 and will be heading to the governor’s desk after amendments are approved in the Senate.

More concerning for hunters is the proposed ban on lead ammunition. According to the Spokesman-Review, if signed the ban will begin taking affect as early as July 1, 2015. The state’s Fish and Game Commission will be required to phase in the use of nonlead ammunition for hunting of any kind, a gradual program that is expected to be completed by July 1, 2019.

Supporters of the ban say that the use of nonlead ammo would save species such as the California condor, which sometimes consumes hunter-shot game. Critics of the ban believe the bill will effectively ban all hunting in the state if passed into law. Read more about the debate behind the issue here.

Heartened by the successful recall of politicians that supported gun control in Colorado, many California gun owners are calling for similar recalls in their native state. Colorado Senate President John Morse and State Senator Angela Giron were ousted from office on Tuesday after playing a key part in the passage of numerous gun strictures, including a limit on magazine capacity. You can read more about the Colorado recall here.

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22 thoughts on “California Legislature Moves Major Firearm Bills Forward

  1. As a long time visitor of California I now say: Who needs to go there? Hopefully their residents will fight back Legislators in the next election.

    1. You make it sound like all we have to do is get in our cars and drive on out of here; nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe if your rich or don’t own anything you can do this, but the average guy with wife, kids and quite a bit of property cannot.

      1. Life is short and some decisions are difficult to implement, sometimes even impossible. In cases such as yours I do feel empathy.

    2. This State was beautiful when I came here. Then the Ignoratti invaded Frisco and environs and took over. I’m 63 now. Where do I go to form a new life, new job, new house, new neighbors?

      1. I’d have to admit it would take some determination. I’m only 10 years behind you and only want to move one more time.

        The north east states are out, most are modelling themselves after Calif.

        The wife and I are (begrudgingly) moving when I retire, we are thinking Texas, Utah, Florida or Idaho. We tend to be rural folks by nature so all of these states would suit us fine although in Florida we’d need out lying property.

      2. North east Texas has woods and Lake Texoma. Its close to Oklahoma so you have the best of both worlds. It hot and buggy in the summer. I have ten acres back there but don’t have it in me to make new home.

      3. Simliar on this end, I bought some lake property some years back but at my age not sure if I will ever get a cabin on the property. Likely will sell it if we head out west. Take care.


  3. As long as the “populace” keeps voting these Legislators into office this is what they will get. If your happy, I am happy. BUT,PLEASE stay in your Dumb state and do not move to any other when you finally have enough.
    I think California residents should have a ban put on them and force them to stay in their own state FOREVER.
    This would stop the spread of their Liberal ideas and voting to any other state. OK, they can go to New York.

  4. I lived in California for 32 years and hunted extensively in San Diego and Imperial counties for deer, quail, dove, etc. From what I know there has never been a California Condor in these areas. It doesn’t appear to make sense to outlaw lead ammunition unless of course the politicos of that state have different underlying intentions. Hmmm……

    1. They are not banning guns. They are just harrassing gun owners to make it inconvenient to defend yourself against the violent criminals they have adopted as wards of the State and allow to walk the streets.

  5. This is starting to sound like the “war on drugs” as they begin to criminalize firearms. We all know how successful that is. Expect a massive underground gun trade to develop where now only the bad guys will have them. Honest law abiding citizens will now have to choose between the law and their own personal principal’s and beliefs and if they choose to own these guns without registering, they will live in fear of discovery and be at odds with law enforcement. There should be a statute where you can be a “conscientious objector” to these laws.
    The lead ammunition ban may cause more animals to be wounded if they cannot find another metal to do the job. Perhaps there may be a way to make lead more stable as so it does not break down so easily in animals. I can see a ban on lead shot for waterfowl hunting but not for bigger single projectiles. Many of them have copper plating already. These laws should be challenged at the federal level as they interfere with the second amendment.
    In the long run, honest law abiding gun owners should leave California and let the criminals with guns take control of the populace altogether and we can all watch California implode as there will be no one there to resist. The police departments will be swamped like they are in[laces like Pakistan where the police are gunned down all the time.

  6. Well, it looks like soon the only way to own a gun in California will be to become a criminal. Guess they just want to increase the number of those they have there.

  7. Yes, yes, I can be controlled. Give me a free phone, some welfare, a roof over my head, three squares a day and a lover, oh, let’s see, that’s called jail.

  8. Can it honestly be said that an isolated incident ( no matter how animalistic or demonic ) has brought the American public to their knees? Why not start in 1932. Secret tests by the CIA and other US Military branches have put innocent lives at risk causing deadly illnesses and even death. What psychological effect can drugs like LSD, if used on humans, have on those who already suffer from mental illness. From 1953 through 1958, LSD was tested both on volunteers and non-volunteers. Army Chemical Warfare Laboratories used it to test it’s effect, not only on the intelligence of people, but also on mind control and behavior modification. In 1994, Senator John D. Rockefeller, issued a report underlining secret military and CIA experiments on humans, since before WWII. My point is, If they have already tested on thousands of military personal and civilian, is there anything to prevent them from using mind control on government personal today (Legislators, Senators, Cabinet Members, etc.) ? Yes, I admit that I am one of millions who have no clue as to what is going on with gun control. Guess like the rest, I will just sit back and see what the outcome will be.
    Oh, yes. Ask me about the US military and Poncho Villa, prior to WWI. My Grandfather was there.

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