In what is perhaps North America’s first recorded case of a spear being used to kill a cougar in self-defense, a British Columbia resident is being hailed as a hero after he used the tool to save his common-law partner from a mountain lion near their home on remote Flores Island on September 8. According to The Globe and Mail, the 60-year-old woman was being mauled in her garden when the unidentified man heard her screams. Officials say that the man took up a spear, likely made for boar hunting, and stabbed the large cat several times. The mountain lion ran off and the man was able to procure help for his injured girlfriend.

“That’s a significant amount of bravery that he showed,” conservation officer Ben York told The Globe and Mail. “I understand why he did it, but it still takes a lot of bravery to do what he did and I’m glad he was there to rescue her. You know it could have turned out a lot differently if he hadn’t been around.”

Early reports indicated that the woman’s wounds are significant, including puncture marks from powerful bites and heavy damage to the victim’s scalp. She underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

After the incident conservation officers scoured the surrounding countryside in search of the animal. With the help of a cougar hunter, they found the animal’s carcass a short distance away from the house. It appeared to have died from the spear-inflicted wounds. The man says he had seen the mountain lion prowling near his house and that it was becoming increasingly bold over the last several months. Other residents of island told The Vancouver Sun they had also seen the large cat in the vicinity.

“Me and another guy saw what we thought was a wolf or a dog in the bay and we went to check it out,” said Bill Dennis, who encountered what he believes is the same animal near a local channel. “I got within 100 feet of the float and it jumped out of the water like a fish and I thought ‘Holy crap, that’s a cougar.'”

Dennis said the cougar chased him and his friend for short distance before disappearing.

Officials say the dead cougar was a three-year-old male and an investigation is underway to find out what made it aggressive towards humans on the island.

Update 9/24/2013: This article has been edited and updated to clarify certain information about the victim of the attack.

File image courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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61 thoughts on “Man Uses Spear to Save Girlfriend from Mountain Lion

    1. They have lots of guns, and just won a significant victory in rolling back onerous legislation including the long arms registry. Correct me if I’m wrong, Canuckians.

      1. Perhaps more apropos, the last counting of the guns was c.1973, so no one really knows how many guns we have.


    2. Of course this makes logical sense to people that have it, same as if it were a big dog acting aggressively with out cause. Society in general is WAY out of touch with logical reality!!!
      That could’ve be anyones wife, daughter, sister or mother.

  1. An investigation is undergoing to “find out what made it aggressive toward humans on the island”? Seriously? Who are they going to interview? The cat is dead and cougars are not vegetarians.

    1. Duh! Maybe the cat was hungry and it had ran out of MEOWW Mix. Newsflash, cougars eat meat. Humans are made of meat. End of story and mystery.

      1. Absolutely correct-amundo!!!
        That’s even the reason for dog licenses and stringent control laws, as they will band together in packs and kill anything they come across. 60-80 people a year are killed by dogs in the USA a year even now.; they’re predators by design and meat eaters by nature.
        The Masai men in Africa hunted lions with spears, not only to prove their manhood but kept the lions in fear of humans = which they should be.

    2. From the movie Zatura:

      Walter [ Speaking of the Zorgons]: What do they eat?
      Astronaut: Meat.
      Danny: That’s good.
      Astronaut: Dude, you’re meat.

  2. Too bad the cougar couldn’t have been trained to dine only on politicians: American ones from either or BOTH parties but particularly Democrats! It might be the only way to get them to stop preying on American CITIZENS!

      1. I heard that the EPA was considering importing a number of cougars into the D.C. area and letting them loose in the vicinity of the halls of Congress in hopes maybe they can save OUR environment!

      2. Excellent point. Kudos to you sir, and another reason the DISBAND the forever be D-&^5d EPA as unnecessary and counterproductive to our economic recovery, now or EVER!

      3. I dunno, Chuck. Last time I looked, the local municipal government wasn’t too hot and I was stationed there at the time, which was 1969 and 1970. Then they built the metro, passed all manner of restrictive laws and turned the whole city into a home for wayward liberals and lunatics. Are there any other kind?

      1. It becomes so for them though when they are forced to drink the same Obamanoid kool-aid the congress has been swilling down for the last five years. The distraction and effect is to cause them to lose all sense of rational judgment and think congressmen are actually a gourmet’s delight! The cats will never know the difference. Look at how long it took the American citizen populace to discover the last two elections were the worst thing that ever happened to this country!

      1. Better then for the cougars than for we constituents, don’t you think? Twinkies by the way, are making a comeback but only until Michelle forbids their existence!

  3. What a poorly written article; no names, no dates, poorly defined location, no real explanation why a spear was handy when long guns are readily available in Canada. How do you crush a scalp? crush a skull maybe.

    Still, if true, the man had brass balls to be either taking on a cougar, or hunting boar, with a spear.

    1. If push comes to shove and a cougar actually attacks you then fighting back is your best option. Running away is a bad course of action: they can out run you and they’ll only catch you tired.

    2. Well with the ‘girly-men’ of today maybe; a spear is one of the worlds most formidable close range weapons!
      Thermopylae + the 300.

  4. Ban “Assault Spears”!!!! Especially the ones that look “scary” and can be thrust more than ten times without reloading! … just kidding…dude know he bad…

    1. While the spear might have been black I can assure you that very little was made of plastic.

      Otoh, I suspect that shooting the mountain lion while on top of the woman would have been more dangerous for the woman than stabbing the lion with a spear.

  5. Teddy Roosevelt was a Great White Hunter and this seems a good place for Obama, using the tools his ancestors would have used to slay the beasts, to demonstrate why we do not need guns for any reason.

  6. Why is he aggressive toward humans? Are you kidding me? He is a mountain lion. Dah! How stupid is this. It can happen with any animal…

  7. It is pretty well known that a mountain lion is not afraid of humans at all. This cat had seen enough humans in the past to completely lose any fear of them at all. He finally figured out that a human may taste good so he tried it. Won’t be the first time a mountain lion tried humans for a meal. Won’t be the last I’m sure…

  8. Aggressive: Nature, or Nurture?
    Perhaps if they were being hunted, instead of being protected, their aggressiveness would know some bounds.
    It’s simple economics: That which you reward you get more of, that which you penalize, you get less of.

  9. Bites on the back of the head answer the question of ‘what made it aggressive towards humans.’ That’s a predatory attack – seeking to break/sever the spine. He wanted a meal, plain and simple.

  10. Why does every story like this always include the wildlife department’s statement of how wild animals “rarely attack humans unprovoked”?

    They don’t fear humans any more, so they attack humans. They are not extinct, so why do we surrender our pets and our selves to them?

  11. In other news, environMENTALists are still undeterred in their ongoing mission to release more large apex predators in human habitats across North America.

  12. So when are they going to arrest the boyfriend for murdering a helpless animal? Given the insanity of the environmental movement, I’m sure some are calling for his arrest.

  13. Mountain lions seem to have a somewhat of a hight threshold on things they will attack. They have a history of often going after people when they are sitting or bending down. More than a few runners (that survived) have said the attack occurred when bending down to re-tie their shoes. I read they very seldom touch anything that stands higher than the top of a white tail’s shoulders.

  14. PSA for when it comes to Mountain Lions:

    1) Never show your back to them: They will instinctively (like all cats) attack anything that exhibits a prey behavior. Running away or showing your back is a prey behavior and if you do this they will attack you!

    2) Make yourself a bigger target: spread your arms and legs. Make noise. These will serve to intimidate it.

    3) Be prepared to fight back: as dangerous as it sounds, if worse comes to worse then it may be your best course of action. Running away is a worse idea.

  15. The man had the Nads. It’s getting rarer but glorious to see a guy man-up and be the warrior protecting his tribe as he was meant to be. Kudo’s to him and prayers for his girlfriend. Sometimes a spear or sword is far better than a firearm. Sometimes.

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