There’s no greater responsibility than providing safety and security for your home and family.  For many people, a handgun provides that safety.  You need more, however, to be fully prepared for threats. So, if a single product could dramatically improve your chances of surviving a life-threatening scenario, wouldn’t you want it?

The best way to survive an armed encounter is avoiding it. The second best way is deterring the threat without firing a shot. The world is a dangerous place, however, and we must prepare responsibly—and equip accordingly. You need every opportunity to prevail.

1: The Range Can’t Fully Prepare You for the Real World

Range practice is important for any defensive shooter, but that practice does not fully prepare you for real-world situations. A laser sight on your handgun can help you overcome challenges such as darkness, close range, time, movement—and threats.

2: Trauma Causes Uncontrollable Physiological Changes

If you are attacked, or you draw your handgun to prevent violence, the “fight or flight” response starts—and everything changes. With reliable state-of-the-art technology, like Crimson Trace laser sights, you simply project a laser dot onto the target. This communicates a crystal clear message: you can both walk away.

3: Laser Sights Improve Hit Ratios by More Than 300%

U.S. law enforcement officers are some of the best-trained shooters in the world, but hit ratios during in-the-field shootings are staggeringly low. National Institute of Justice data shows that officers using traditional sighting methods hit their mark only about 25% of the time during lethal force engagements. Agencies using Crimson Trace lasers have achieved hit ratios of more than 90% in officer-involved shootings.  That’s a phenomenal 300%+ improvement.

4: The Right Technology Can Help You Survive

Technology exists to help shooters of all skill levels improve their confidence, speed and accuracy. No personal protection handgun is complete without a laser sight.  Thousands of Crimson Trace customers agree: When You’re Holding It, You’re Aiming It.

5: Armed Citizens End Violent Crimes Every Day Without Firing a Shot

Responsible armed citizens are one of the reasons for America’s decreasing violent crime rate.  It is estimated that as many as one million crimes are prevented each year because of armed citizens—and many without a shot being fired.  It’s precisely the reason why we say that laser sights Help Bad Guys Make Informed Decisions.

The full details in this must-read list are available at: The mission of Crimson Trace is to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country.

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