Good news, chukar hunters: The number of chukar partridge in Utah keeps climbing.

During a helicopter survey over western Box Elder County on Aug. 29, Division of Wildlife Resources Biologist Jim Christensen counted 16 chukars per square mile.  That’s almost double the nine chukars per square mile he spotted in September 2012.

DWR Upland Game Coordinator Jason Robinson is optimistic that fellow biologist Tom Becker will find similar results when Becker flies over central Tooele County soon.

In 2012, a total of 46 chukars per square were spotted in central Tooele County.  The 46 chukars per square mile were the most chukars DWR biologists had seen in the area since 2006.  “The number of chukar partridge is definitely climbing in Utah,” Robinson says.

While Robinson isn’t predicting an outstanding chukar hunt in Utah this fall, he says “the hunt will definitely be better than it was last fall.”

Information about how to find and hunt chukars is available at, a page on the DWR’s website.

You can also access the information at

Logo courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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