Wyoming Governor Matt Mead recently named none other than former Vice President Dick Cheney as the second member of the Wyoming team in the famed One Shot Antelope Hunt. The event has taken place nearly every year in Lander, Wyoming since 1940, save for a brief suspension during the Second World War. The hunting competition is world-famous not only for the quality of the game, but also because it draws diplomats, astronauts, governors, captains of industry, generals, and other notable names. This year looks to be no different, with a host of writers, industry leaders, and sporting legends thrown in the mix. Freedom Group’s Chief Executive Officer George Kollitides will also be in attendance.

The first One Shot Antelope Hunt only involved two teams: Wyoming and Colorado. While the number of teams has changed, rules have stayed much the same since the first hunt. The event is held in the vicinity of Lander and includes a marksmanship competition beforehand. Teams are comprised of three hunters each and only buck antelope are counted in the scoring. Each hunter is assigned a vehicle and a guide, and only one cartridge for the entire day. After the hunt, those that were successful in harvesting a buck have a chance to regale the party with tales of the hunt. The hunter is then presented with a silver bullet, while those who missed their chance are given a laughing antelope plaque. The winning team is decided by whoever brings in the most harvests. In the event of a tie, the team that bagged antelopes the quickest wins.

The One Shot Antelope Hunt has a few secrets though, and among them are the rituals completed before the hunt begins in earnest. Hunters are given the chance to participate in a Native American ceremony that recounts the “Legend of the Hunt.” Participants are later inducted into the Shoshone Tribe as blood brothers, and receive a traditional medicine bag. Their single bullet—the only one they will be using during the hunt—is also blessed.

Behind the trappings of tradition are hunters in the chase for good game, camaraderie, and some conversation with some of the world’s most famous sportsmen. The hunt will take place on September 21.

Below is the list for this year’s hunting teams, as complied by County10.com writer Joshua Scheer:

  • Wyoming: Gov. Matt Mead, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Tim Gist (last year’s One Shot President)
  • Sons of Past Shooters: Dr. Kevin Lesh, Spencer Bergen, and Dr. Jeff Ranta
  • Remington: George Kollitides, Walter McLallen, and Charles Conger
  • One and Done: Bruce Williams, Mark A. Block, and Joe Stowe
  • Boone and Crocket: Bill Demmer, Marc Mondavi, and Wilson Stout
  • Wounded Warriors – Jeffery ‘Doc’ Sinchak, Dan McGoldrick, and Chad Brumpton
  • Outdoor Writers: Gregg Merriam, Dave Price, and Len Zemaitis
  • Western Sportsmen: Hank True, Todd Bules, and Tom Scarlett

Traditionally Colorado also maintains a team in the competition, and Governor John Hickenlooper was slated earlier this year to take part in the hunt.

Image from Gage Skidmore on the flickr Creative Commons

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