Under Armour Next Generation Charity Challenge: Contribute to Camp Compass Academy!


Generation Charity Challenge

I’m not backing down on this challenge, and I hope that you reading OutdoorHub right now (yes, you) will whip out your debit card and give up to $9.

Seriously…$1 to $9. Right now. Click HERE.

For less than 10 bucks you can make a huge difference.

Why? Because Under Armour laid down a challenge with $50,000 of their own money. The non-profits they picked are competing to get it. Camp Compass Academy is the only one in the mix that is outdoor-related, improving inner-city kids’ lives through outdoor sports like fishing, hunting, shooting sports, camping, and hiking.

Even if the other organizations are good organizations, we should nail winning this. There are a lot of us!

So I’m asking: give just a buck or two? No amount is too small. Click HERE.

Done. Bam.

Okay then, on to the next interesting article of the day.

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