Hunter Surveying Land on Google Earth Discovers Stolen Car


A Mississippi hunter and his computer have put the George County Sheriff’s Office on the trail of a band of thieves after he discovered a missing SUV on Google Maps. According to WLOX, the man was initially using the map application to look over land for hunting when he spotted the strange object. Thinking it was an illegal shooting house, the hunter drove out to the area using coordinates provided by Google Maps.

Along with his son, the unidentified man found the SUV and reported the abandoned vehicle to the proper authorities. George County Sheriff Dean Howell told WLOX that the car had been missing since March after it was stolen from a nearby convenience store. Howell believes that thieves drove the vehicle to its remote location by the way of an old logging road that ran through the brush. The SUV has since been removed and authorities are currently investigating the theft of the vehicle.

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