The following video is not for the squeamish, or rather, any die-hard fans of Apple products. The last thing you would want to see after waiting several hours in a line at your local Apple store is the company’s latest phone demolished by some pretty big bullets. Especially if that phone constitutes a meaty chunk of your paycheck.

For the rest of us, RatedRR gives a rather pointed review of the iPhone 5s and its capabilities.

Image screenshot of video by RatedRR on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: iPhone 5s vs .50 Cal

  1. Ouch! I don’t think it was a fail on the shots though, there were still parts to pick up, no vaporization! Pretty wild video.

  2. I would sure want to know if my Iphone survived if I was shot with a 50 Cal. That’s important to know. I guess I just don’t get this. He just wasted a perfectly good phone and expensive one at that! Please enlighten me???

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