Seeing as how the horses are behind a fence in the video below, it might just be that this inquisitive elk wanted to see how the other half lives. The horses were none too happy with their spectator and decided to make it known. What follows is an awkward confrontation that leaves no clear winners, but makes for an entertaining sight.

The video was filmed and uploaded by Andy Hall. Hat tip to the Boone and Crockett Club.

Image screenshot of video by Andy Hall on Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Video: Bull Elk Confronts Horses

  1. Given that the elk could easily have gone over that fence and a friend of mine just recently had her horse gored by a bull elk and another friend of mine had two horses stomped to death by a cow elk a couple years ago . . . not sure I would call this “entertaining.” This could have turned very tragic very quickly.

  2. ds, the fact that this was “extremely entertaining” to Brainless Schnuffer speaks volumes. He obviously is not an outdoors-man nor sees the implications the video presents to animal life. You are correct, this could have gotten very nasty. Maybe if Brainless Schnuffer were around he could go up to the mix and “shoo” the elk away. LOL

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