Video: The Future of Gun Safes?


Gun safes with radio-frequency identification (RFID) and bio-metric locks are not exactly new to gun owners, but the Gun Box may be a breath of fresh air. Constructed from aluminum alloy and containing a host of security capabilities, the makers of the Gun Box are trying to raise funds on Indiegogo to make the product a reality.

The Gun Box opens to users wearing the included RFID ring or bracelet, which can be swept over the safe to unlock it. Another feature is a bio-metric lock which unlocks the safe when the owner’s fingerprint is scanned, or any of those stored in the device’s database. What makes the Gun Box unique is that the safe is capable of alerting its owner when it is moved or tampered with, sending alert notifications via smartphone. One drawback is that the Gun Box does require power to operate, but designers say its battery is capable of holding a charge for weeks.

“I believe it will keep guns safer while giving gun owners safe, convenient access to their firearms in situations where they may need them the most,” said creator Ryan Hyde.

For more details, view the video below:

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