Video: Black Bear Plays Tetherball


Animal Ark decided to post this video of one of their residents playing tetherball, and needless to say, it quickly went viral. According to the animal refuge’s twitter, the smiling bruin is actually an orphaned three-year-old by the name of L.G. It was a long way to recovery for L.G.—also known as Eli—since the black bear was rescued in 2010 by the side of a Nevada highway. At the time, officers from the Nevada Department of Wildlife doubted it would have survived another night by itself. They had no idea how long the bear was orphaned, but the chilling temperatures resulted in L.G. losing parts of its ears to frostbite. The cub was captured and transported to Animal Ark outside of Reno where it adjusted to captivity. Despite losing both ear tips, L.G. can hear normally and is described as bold and curious. Now the bear has a permanent home at Animal Ark, and in all probability is the playground tetherball champion.

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